I’m Jim Calhoun; not Bernard Madoff

After a recent diatribe in response to an activist’s assertion that his salary lacked fiscal responsibility, Calhoun has shouldered a bevy of harsh criticism. Some Connecticut officials have even called for a reprimand of the Husky coach.

Your South Regional Menu

by Patrick ‘Rey’ Reynell Welcome to the South Regional Cafe. The South loves its food, so browse the menu and see what your tastes may get you in this year’s Southern Bracket. Grits – If you’ve ever seen My Cousin Vinny and have never been south of the Mason-Dixon line, I’m sure you, too, have […]

Jamie Dixon Playing Hopscotch in a Mine Field

Even though Sam Young is an athletic freak of nature, he has a sweet jumper. He can knock down all the open shots they give him. He has to be one of the more exciting players to watch not only in this bracket, but the whole tournament. As a team Pitt shoots 35%, which isn’t too shabby. And what’s nice is having Levance Fields. When nothing else seems to be working, he can make something happen in the half court and transition. Is anyone more pressured than Dixon and his Panthers?

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Main Event!

Last week allowed us to recall why we take off work, call in sick, and often refer to this upcoming weekend as “The best weekend in sports.” The madness is one of the most hyped sporting events year in and year out and somehow never disappoints.

Scanning the Stats: Field Goal Percentage Defense

And today we look at the defense. As the old saying goes: ‘Defense travels.’ Kind of an oxymoron of sorts. Defense can’t travel! Defense doesn’t have the ball! Ah yes but those teams that get after it on the defensive end are built for the long haul. From night to night one can’t always count on the ball dropping in the basket, but everyone can man up.

Let the Madness Begin (In the Big Ten)

Let the Madness Begin (In the Big Ten)

By:  Greg Kincaid       With it being March, College Basketball season is starting to heat up as the regular season comes to an end and the conference tournaments begin to heat up.  This year, the Big Ten conference has witnessed a very exciting season, with many teams being a pleasant surprise.    Michigan […]

Crazy Time!

If you turn on your TV and flip to your favorite show, you could watch a thriller, a sad depressing episode, a surprising bone-chiller, or an ugly display of skill on any given night. The same can be said for any Big East game this year. The conference is like a TV station and has a potpourri of effects on its audience.

Studying the Stats: Assists to Turnover Ratio

Assists to turnovers – a tricky stat to decipher. As Pete surmised when studying assists: “Teams don’t make the assist, assists make the team. You can’t have a style that emphasizes the assist, your style must generate assists as a by-product, at least if you want to win.” So a team can’t set out (or at least appear to set out) to accumulate assists and hope to be successful over the long haul.