Jr. Rhinos Do Battle In The Empire Cup

Coach Rene Tadal’s squad looked to continue their winning ways from last weekend’s Northern Ohio championship. The team’s Saturday morning wake-up call came in the person of the Pittsburgh North Stars, and by the time the Rhinos responded they found themselves facing a three-goal deficit. The North Stars controlled the first half of play and […]

Letterman’s Top Ten Signs A Baseball Player Is Too Old

10. Gets winded putting on his socks. 9. Hard slide into second triggers life-alert pendant. 8. While playing outfield, yells at teammates to get the hell off his lawn. 7. When buying performance-enhancing drugs, gets the AARP card out. 6. Claims he killed President McKinley with a line drive. 5. Often begins sentences, “As Shoeless […]

From NO EXCUSES by Charlie Weis and Vic Carucci

Something that is a little different. Thought I’d share some wisdom from Weis and get everyone’s take. Brief background – these events take place after Notre Dame’s loss to USC at South Bend. The game made infamous by Reggie Bush’s shoving of Matt Leinart into the end zone. Here goes. After addressing the media, then […]

Jr. Rhinos Win The Northern Ohio Cup!!!!

During Saturday’s team meeting Coach Rene Tadal told his players: “This is going to be a good weekend. This will be a good tournament for us.” Five games and two sets of penalty kicks later the Junior Rhinos made good on their coach’s promise. Amanda ‘AT’ Taylor clutched the final penalty kick attempt from the […]

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

We all know the story. Chicken Little is out in the garden when she gets bopped in the head by an acorn. The nut throws her into a tizzy, and she thinks the world is comin’ to an end. Well, take a look around all you Henny Pennies and Turkey Lurkeys. The sports world is […]

a true story

A family of four used the recent Spring break to visit with loved ones in Long Island. As part of the trip mom and dad decided to take their eight-year-old daughter and five year-old-son into the Big Apple. They stopped at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Climbing the stairs the children gazed in awe at the gothic […]

Spring Cleaning

Maybe, just maybe we can bid a less-than-fond adieu to old man winter. Now that last week’s Nor-Easter drifted off to the ocean, I switched the snow blower with the lawn tractor in the garage, replaced the spark plug, and changed the oil. Yeah, I know I should have done it in the fall. Just […]

The Name Game – Full Participation

Can’t take credit for this one – I got the idea from another blogger on Sporting News. Game Rules are easy – use the first letter from the previous last name and list the name of a sports’ personality. FOR EXAMPLE: I will start with Bobby Orr. Using the O from his last name I […]

A Love Affair With Sports

When did your love affair with sports begin? What was the moment you started to pay attention? When you began to alter your daily schedule according to the television schedule? When the sports section of the newspaper took on a dog-eared appearance every day? Did you experience a courtship? Or did one single moment change […]

14…errrr 13 Seasons And Counting!!!

1993. Let me think. Gas was probably a buck and a quarter. Monthly cable charges amounted to…ummm $20. The Canadiens played in the Forum. The Leafs and Bruins in their respective Gardens. We referred to the divisions as Patrick, Adams, Norris and Smythe. Minnesota had a team called the North Stars. Quebec still honored us […]