Siena and San Diego: Cheers to the automatic bids

For at least one day the names of Gyno Pomare, De’Jon Jackson, Kenny Hasbrouck, and Tay Fisher occupy the consciousness of college hoop fans across the nation. We’ll have to see if through the years these names carry the same importance as those of Keith Smart (the shot in ’87), Jack ‘Goose’ Givens(41 points in […]

Casey stands corrected

The topic yesterday at a local establishment was who are top players in the history of Duke basketball. Casey tried to share some wisdom gathered over three decades of following the Blue Devils. His voice was drowned out by a pair of EYE-talians in either ear who would not let Casey mention more than one […]

Who will solve the riddle of the West Bracket?

Who will solve the riddle of the West and cross over into San Antonio? Will it be the heralded UCLA Bruins? They have the #1 seed and a record of 14-2 against tournament teams. The Bruins have been to the final four the last two years. They play stiff defense, have an experienced point guard […]

Dear Coach Cal: The South

Dear Coach Calipari: Congratulations on a great season. Your team’s record (33-1) speaks for itself. You must be really proud of earning a number one seed – your second such seeding in the last three years. I like how you got that whole mid-major / Conference-USA thing working. America loves the little guy, the underdog, […]

Mike Brey’s Blues: The East Bracket

“Hello? Yeah, can I speak to Tom…Tom O’Connor please?” “Sure, tell him it’s Mike Brey from Notre Dame.” “No, he’s not expecting my call.” “Hey Tom.” “Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too.” “Yeah, hey Tom I’m gonna cut to the chase here. Whose idea of a cruel joke was it to give us George […]

Bracketology 101: The Midwest

Now that we have the brackets in front of us, we get a chance to analyze, synthesize, digitize and…and discuss ad nauseam. For no particular reason let’s consider the Midwest. Two teams from the Big 12: Kansas and Kansas State. Two from the Big East: Villanova and Georgetown. Clemson is the lone representative from the […]

Performance of the week (POTW) (3/9-3/16)

Twjain McKee from Coppin State – McKee threw in thirty-three points including a tear drop with two seconds remaining to lead the Eagles into the tournament. McKee nailed six trifectas while shooting twelve for twenty from the field. Let’s hear it Clipboard readers. Who had the POTW in your eyes?

Over the hump with blog nation – 3/12

Crack open a cold one – sit back and join a discussion. Don’t forget to tell ’em who sent ya. Sox and Dawgs: The National Lampoon Sports Minute or so Center Field: Random spring training photo of the day NCAA Hoops Today: North Carolina at Duke Yellow Chair Sports: YCS Barroom Discussion: Athletes of yesteryear […]

NCAA Hoops: Rating the Small Forwards

These guys have the responsibility of rebounding amongst the Redwoods, feeding the post, driving the base line, and when the matchup warrants, playing with their back to the basket in the post. Let’s hear it for the small forwards. Joe Alexander Junior/ West Virginia 16.2PPG 6.1RPG – Small never looked so big. Don’t be misled […]