The Name Game – Full Participation

Can’t take credit for this one – I got the idea from another blogger on Sporting News. Game Rules are easy – use the first letter from the previous last name and list the name of a sports’ personality. FOR EXAMPLE: I will start with Bobby Orr. Using the O from his last name I […]

A Love Affair With Sports

When did your love affair with sports begin? What was the moment you started to pay attention? When you began to alter your daily schedule according to the television schedule? When the sports section of the newspaper took on a dog-eared appearance every day? Did you experience a courtship? Or did one single moment change […]

14…errrr 13 Seasons And Counting!!!

1993. Let me think. Gas was probably a buck and a quarter. Monthly cable charges amounted to…ummm $20. The Canadiens played in the Forum. The Leafs and Bruins in their respective Gardens. We referred to the divisions as Patrick, Adams, Norris and Smythe. Minnesota had a team called the North Stars. Quebec still honored us […]

Ten Great Moments In Islander History!

The Isles are in the playoffs? Holy Pat Flatley is it true? 10. Bossy scores 69 goals in a season. At the time second most in league history. 9. LaFontaine scores in quadruple overtime to beat the Capitals. 8. J.P. Parise scores in overtime to beat the Rangers. Islanders win their first playoff series. 7. […]

Remembering Eddie Robinson

The passing of legendary Grambling State coach, Eddie Robinson, causes a little embarrassment for this writer. For years the name Eddie Robinson only entered my consciousness with the televising of the ‘Bayou Classic’. I remember diminishing his overall record by thinking; who does Grambling play? Little did I understand his true impact on college football […]

All Gold Glove Team

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Gold Glove award. Now is your chance to nominate your all Gold Glove team. Two leagues – one team. If you need a guide refer to the baseball reference link in the blogroll.

Please pass the salt….

I need to finish the crow. Yeah, I need to publicly acknowledge that Wally picked three of the final four, and I managed only one. I know you’ve been gloatin’ Wally, so here’s your chance to make it public. After the Drew’s Revenge prognostication you were due. This year’s final four has two #1’s and […]

20 Years Later

It all started with those NCAA commercials. You know the ones I’m talking about. A few non-descript athletes on the television screen all participating in their particular sport. The commercial closes with those athletes saying: I’m going pro next year, but not in sports. The better half commented: “Yeah, what do these guys do?” She […]

In Tribute: Trent Jackson

Trent Jackson, possibly the greatest all-around athlete from Rochester, New York, died suddenly this past weekend. The ‘Franklin Flash’ ran a 9.4 100 yard sprint in 1961. Thus tying the national high school mark established by none other than Jesse Owens. Jackson later made the U.S. Olympic squad for the 1964 Tokyo games. An unfortunate […]