Giants Make It Three In A Row

Adding to the mounting argument of parity versus mediocrity in the NFL, the New York Giants have managed to qualify for the post-season a third consecutive time. Buoyed by an opportunistic defense and spirited running attack the Giants fended off the feisty Buffalo Bills, 38-21.Despite another lackluster performance by Eli Manning the Jints punched their […]

Clipboard National Quarter-Finals

2pm: Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas – #2 Oklahoma vs. #10 Florida. forecasts a game time temperature of fifty degrees under partly cloudy skies. 4pm: Alltell Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida – #3 LSU vs. #6 Missouri. is calling for a high of sixty-four degrees under mostly cloudy skies with a slight chance […]

’07 Clipboards:Readers’ Choice – Comment of the Year

As ’07 comes to a close, time to take a look back. The first-ever Clipboard awards begin with a tribute to the readers. With soooooo many great comments, it was difficult to pick just one. These comments were chosen for one of the following: entertainment value, humor, and/or poignancy, etc. Take your time and please […]

McIntyre on the Wallace Watch

By Paul Gotham Webster Yankee alum, Joe McIntyre, has earned a nomination on the Wallace Award watch list for the upcoming college baseball season. The prestigious award is given annually to the nation’s best college baseball player. McIntyre led the NYCBL with a .409 batting average. The All-NYCBL first-team selection also led the league with […]

The Casey Report

In light of last week’s developments in the MLB Casey is taking time to reflect on what is good in sports. Instead of those athletes involving themselves with covert activities in hopes to elevate their status in the eye of the public, this list focuses on the athletes who have competed for the pure enjoyment […]

Round One: Clipboard National Chan’ship

The time is now Clipboard readers. Below you will find the matchups for the first round of the National Chan’ship. Consider your picks carefully. Feel free to explain your choices ad nauseum. Hey! We love reading your take. Remember anyone can participate, but please if you pick one, pick ‘em all. High Noon: #8 Hawaii […]

Clipboard Rankings

The results are in. Our esteemed staff has voted, and the seedings are ready for the start of tomorrow’s tournament. Check back in the morning for the games. 1. Ohio State 2. Oklahoma 3. LSU 4. Georgia 5. USC 6. Missouri 7. Virginia Tech 8. Hawaii 9. Kansas 10. Florida 11. West Virginia 12. Arizona […]

Sorting Through the Pre-Conference Play of NCAA Mens’ Hoops

Aside from a predictable 2007 Final Four (#1 seed Florida, #1 seed Ohio State, #2UCLA, and #2 seed Georgetown) it can be a tad difficult gauging the men’s hoops’ terrain. This season’s pre-conference schedule is contributing to that dilemma. Sure we have the usual suspects at the top: UNC, Memphis, Kansas, Georgetown, and Texas to […]

It’s Always Best To Let A Sleeping Giant Lie

Was it a case of you never wake a sleeping giant, or you never give your opponent bulletin board material? Whatever the lesson, the Pittsburgh Steelers got a crash course in it. Making said ‘guarantee’ made as much sense as kicking to Devin Hester. If there is a next time, maybe the Steeler D should […]

Chan’ship Plans in the Works!

The clock is clicking. The Clipboard National Chan’ship Tournament is less than a week away. Contacts have been made with the various game sites and media outlets. Wanted to let everyone know what’s going on. These details could affect choices made in the coming weeks. ESPN will cover two of the first-round games. Chris Fowler […]