Now That’s A Statement Game!

I don’t care that it is the end of January. I don’t care that Maryland was .500 in the ACC. I don’t care that Maryland is unranked. Duke’s victory last night over the Terrapins, 93-84, was a statement game. Down nine at half, on the road, and the Terrapins clicking on all cylinders the Blue […]

It’s The End of the World as We Know It

That’s great. It starts with a loss of Jake Cleveland – on the make. It’s Progressive for God’s sake! Eye of a Djokovic Down goes Federer – so long Rafael – hello Tsonga Feeding off an Aussie feast Yum! Now! Hornets in a fire Representing some eight games Spurs look uninspired Pat Reily and a […]

I’d like to report a crime!

Hello. 9-1-1? Hi. Yes, I…uh…I’d like to report a crime. Name? Casey. Casey from Casey’s Clipboard. Address? Uh… Everyone knows it. About the crime…Huh? Imminent danger? Uh, not really any imminent danger, but there is a crime happening right before our very eyes, and we don’t even know it. Who? Well, it’s hard to say. […]

Super Bowl Firsts – Group Participation

Here we have it – twelve days (296 hours but who’s counting) before the champion of the NFL is crowned. The one good thing about the extra week is all the classic video footage of Super Bowls past. The old films provide an opportunity to reminisce. I am looking for the help of the Clipboard […]

I Don’t Believe What I Just Saw!

I can see it now, the new NFL Network commercial. It pans to a diner and instead of Joe Montana cooking, it’s Tiki Barber. The two guys sitting at the counter are looking at the menu when they look up and say: ” So Tiki, help us out. How does crow taste? ” Enough said.. […]

Conference Play the Remedy for Complacency et al

Anyone concerned that the College Hoops’ season was beginning to become predictable need not worry. Conference play offered the right dosage to ward off any complacency. Three of the top nine and eight of the top twenty-five fell to conference opponents on Saturday. Gary Williams and his Terrapins proved to be giant killers once again, […]

Bobby Orr’s 74-75 Season Passes the Test of Time

By Paul Gotham In light of Tom Brady’s other-worldly accomplishments over the previous four months our friends over at ran a series on the greatest individual seasons in the history of sport. The articles caught my interest, and got me thinking about the most impressive individual I have witnessed over the course of a […]

Diamond Dinner 2008

When the Thrilla speaks, the Clipboard listens. In case you missed his recent post, Thrilla included this link for the upcoming Monroe Community College Diamond Dinner. Many of the greats in Rochester baseball lore will be in attendance: Dave Chamberlain, Joe Altobelli, Johnny Antonelli, Tim Redding, and Dave Brust. All proceeds go to the MCC […]

’07 Clipboards and National Chan’ship

Many thanks to all who helped select the Clipboards. The winners are: Individual performance of the year: [youtube=]] Upset of the year: [youtube=]] Comeback of the year: [youtube=] Jaw-Dropper of the year: [youtube=] Comment of the year: Reynell’s commentary on ‘Lessons Learned From the ’07 MLB Post-Season’: Satisfaction will be the death of desire for […]

Basking in the Glow of Big Blue and Calling Out Big D

7 plays. 71 yards. :46. Now that’s why I watch sports! I’m still shaking my head in disbelief. Possibility exists the Giants have never been that efficient on offense – not in Super Bowl XXI when Simms performed like a surgeon, not when they ran a fourteen play drive over the first 9:29 of the […]