Calhoun, Krzyzewski and the brave new world

By Paul Gotham Quick – what do Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain have in common? Yeah, yeah, yeah basketball, I know. Guess I had that one coming. If you also said those three all played on teams that won an NBA championship, you would again be right. They are also all enshrined in […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 3/23-3/30

Earlier this season I viewed Derrick Rose with skepticism. I hadn’t seen enough of him to tell whether the stats were nothing more than a feasting on the soft Conference-USA schedule. I even left him out of my top point guards discussion. Today changed all that. Faced with Texas of the Big 12 and their […]

Why sports needs more stories like that of Davidson

Call it improbable. Call it Cinderella-like. Call it over when they play #1 seed Kansas tomorrow. The NCAA tournament and sports in general need more stories like that of the Davidson Wildcats. In an era where on-court posturing and post-dunk celebrations have risen above the primary focus of the game: to win, Davidson’s approach is […]

Great Broadcasting Calls II

Something I have always enjoyed is the occasional one-liners by TV analysts: “He must have gotten lonely. That’s the first open opportunity he had all night, and he drilled it.” “You’ve got to box out Tyler Hansbrough. He plays like every rebound is his.” “He (Roy Williams) is shopping from the top shelf at a […]

NCAA Hoops: the power of 24

As if we needed any reminder of the dizzying fervor that can be created by college hoops, this weekend packed a flurry of action capped by five games on Sunday decided by a total of 24 points. The Miami Hurricanes made a dramatic comeback, but the Longhorns of Texas held on for a three point […]

Performance of the week (POTW) 3/16-3/23

Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s that time again Clipboarders. Time to nominate your top performance of the week. Casey is going with none other than Stephen Curry. The high school…er…college sophomore grabbed the spotlight Friday night when he dropped thirty of his game-high forty points in the second half to lead the #10 seed Davidson […]

Siena and San Diego: Cheers to the automatic bids

For at least one day the names of Gyno Pomare, De’Jon Jackson, Kenny Hasbrouck, and Tay Fisher occupy the consciousness of college hoop fans across the nation. We’ll have to see if through the years these names carry the same importance as those of Keith Smart (the shot in ’87), Jack ‘Goose’ Givens(41 points in […]

Casey stands corrected

The topic yesterday at a local establishment was who are top players in the history of Duke basketball. Casey tried to share some wisdom gathered over three decades of following the Blue Devils. His voice was drowned out by a pair of EYE-talians in either ear who would not let Casey mention more than one […]