Pickin’ Splinters National Championship ’08

It is that time of year again to bring down the decorations and get ready to ‘trimma the tree’. It’s also the time of year when college football rankings cause quite a stir. Are you perplexed by the state of Division 1A College Football? Frustrated by the choices for the national title game? Here’s your […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 11/24-11/30

I suppose there came a point Wednesday night when Notre Dame shooting guard, Kyle McAlarney, looked over at his teammate, Luke Haragody, and said to himself: “Something is not right with Gody.”  Little did the senior know at the time, but his teammate was slowed by pneumonia.  Instead of whining and looking to his teammate […]

NCAA Hoops – Early Returns

Once was a time when November college hoops consisted of nothing more than glorified scrimmages with fans in the bleachers. Top 25 teams looking to catch their stride would schedule games against bottom of the barrel squads in contests that would amount to nothing more than a match up resembling the one-sided affairs of the […]

Performance of the Week (POTW) 11/17-11/23

Get accustomed to this guy getting my POTW a while. Stephen Curry’s second half against Oklahoma was nothing to sneeze at. In the season’s first match up of ranked opponents Curry dropped 27 and handed out two assists…in the second half. The junior finished with 44 and three dishes. All that in 33 minutes of […]

Who am I?

Too bad endorsement deals were not as rampant during my playing days as they are now. With one of my nicknames I could have easily represented Chips Ahoy pretty well. I was another one of those first guys to make the jump from high school to the NBA. All but four games of my 14-year […]

Who am I?

My NBA career was one of relative anonymity – eleven seasons with six teams. I played in Seattle when they were know as the Supersonics. Then an early-season trade moved me to Chicago. I continued moving east and roamed the hardwood of the Aud with a Braves uniform. A mid-season trade sent me to Phoenix. […]

Who am I?

After honing my hardwood skills on Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn, I went on to college where my #22 was retired. I earned a first round pick in the NBA draft and made good on my status. In 11 seasons I dropped over 5,000 and grabbed 3,000+ boards. But those numbers only tell half of the […]

Breaking down the pre-season AP Top 25: #s 21-25

On one hand the Demon Deacons will start three juniors – Ishmael Smith, L.D. Williams, and Chas McFarland – and two sophomores – Jeff Teague and James Johnson. In comparison to many teams on the AP’s pre-season list the Deacs might look a little green. On the other hand Wake Forest returns 100% of last […]

Who am I?

In college I was part of a national championship team. Before I graduated I garnered third-team and first-team All-American honors. I was a first round pick in the NBA draft. There I learned a lesson about how an ally can become a thorn in the side. During my 17-year career I played in the finals […]