Ewan Maxwell, Brooke Wilson and the Starting XI

Top (l-r): Ewan Maxwell, Katie Diem and Jude Rouhana. Bottom (l-r): Sydney Hayward, Ayden Neal and Delaney Tellex. (Photo contributions: DENNIS JOYCE)


Surveying some of the top players in Section V over the past week (October 12-18).

AYDEN CRISTALES Sr. Midfield, Williamson Marauders (Wayne County) — Fleet-footed back who provides a calming force to the Williamson attack; comfortable with the ball at his feet, Cristales sees the field well and understands when to distribute with the pass and when to advance with the dribble, he knows how to use pace to put teammates in positions to create when receiving the ball, at the same time he is capable of making 30-to-40 yard rushes under control; a heady defender, he effectively uses angles to cut down opponents’ progress, contains while seeing opportunities to challenge. 

KATIE DIEM Jr. Midfield, Fairport Red Raiders (Monroe County I) — A skilled central player who knows how to pick spots to attack; at 6-foot-1, Diem can see over smaller players and has the foot skills to take advantage of situations, a patient ballhandler, Diem readily distributes to the flanks with precision, at the same time she sees seams along the interior of defenses where she can attack, she effortlessly changes speed with the ball at her feet when defenders back off looking for her to pass; a first-to-the-ball defender, she has a strong first touch used to win 50/50 situations. 

SYDNEY HAYWARD Sr. Midfield, Hilton Cadets (Monroe County I) — A versatile central player who works within the flow of Hilton’s offense; Hayward possesses keen vision of the field while understanding when to play to feet and when to play to space, equipped with a proficient first touch she has uncanny understanding of when to distribute on first touch and when to carry, she knows how to use diagonal runs to create space while skillful enough to attack when receiving the ball while going away from the goal; a solid defender, she anticipates well to step into passing lanes. 


JAKE LEONE Jr. Center Back, McQuaid Jesuit Knights (Rochester City Athletic Conference) — A vocal leader who provides a calming force on the McQuaid backline; at 6-foot, Leone is a sturdy defender, equipped with a firm first-touch and the ability to see the field, he routinely switches sides of the pitch and puts teammates in spots for open runs; strong to the ball, he anticipates the next play ahead and regularly wins in 50/50 situations, after taking possession, he manages his touches well to distribute; uses keen vision to direct movement and matchups of teammates. 

EWAN MAXWELL Sr. Midfield, Livonia Bulldogs (Livingston County) — A heady midfield player who breaks down opposing defense with constant pressure; Maxwell plays the game at his speed and then attacks, equally adept with either foot, he sees the field and recognizes creases in the defense where he uses pace to create for teammates, at the same time he can take advantage of openings to advance the ball with the dribble, as comfortable as any player in Section V with the ball at his feet he never appears rushed or off-balance; a heady defender he stays in motion and understands how to contain the ball.  


IESA MOHAMMED So. Midfield, Aquinas Li’l Irish (Private/Independent) — Dynamic central player with upper-level escapability; Mohamed possesses the foot skills necessary to survive in a crowded midfield, at the same time he has the touch in the open field to create for self and teammates, balanced footwork, he effortlessly distributes to either side of the field with no drop off between directions, he can take on defenders one-on-one while being prepared to play off to teammates once advantage is gained; a tireless defender, he knows how take away the angles and space of opponents. 

MIKAYLA MORELLI Sr. Defender, Webster Schroeder Warriors (Monroe County I) — A steadying influence on the backline of the Schroeder defense; Morelli rarely looks rushed, anticipates the flow of play well and flawlessly steps in during support situations, possesses a firm, first touch she sees the field well, makes patient decisions with the ball at her feet; a strong on-the-ball defender, she recognizes opportunities to shift from containment to challenge. 

AYDEN NEAL Sr. Attack, Gananda Blue Panthers (Wayne County) — A speedy frontline player with a knack for finishing; Neal couples footspeed with elite body control to take advantage of open-field situations, Neal is comfortable with the ball at his feet on a dead sprint and can finish with either foot, he distorts defenses which have to account for his ability to go right or left; equipped with a high motor, Neal routinely checks back deep into the defensive end where helps Gananda’s midfield, at the same time he recovers to the attack. 

JUDE ROUHANA Sr. Midfield, Fairport Red Raiders (Monroe County I) — A skilled playmaker with a knack for finishing; Rouhana is dually comfortable in tight spaces and the open field, he routinely wins balls from clusters of opposing players while being able to escape with the ball at his feet and on balance, changing speeds and direction with the ball at his feet is a routine act, he does this effortlessly all the while assessing the situation on the field; a proficient passer he understands how to use space and pace to put teammates in position for scoring opportunities, at the same time he can take advantage of the smallest of openings to find the back of the net; a relentless defender he takes away angles to contain opposing ballhandlers.


DELANEY TELLEX So. Forward/Midfield, Penfield Patriots (Monroe County I) — A skilled attacker with a deft touch; Tellex possesses high-level speed and the ability to stay under control while putting opposing defenders in reactionary mode, a strong first touch, she makes sounds decisions when to distribute, when to attack and when to shoot, effortlessly gets to full speed while drawing double-teams to contain her, she has the ability to play off to teammates; an opportunistic defender she sees one pass/play ahead and steps into opposing passing lanes. 

BROOKE WILSON Sr. Midfield, Hilton Cadets (Monroe County I) — A versatile player who seamlessly shifts from creator to attacker; Wilson possesses a unique blend of speed and finesse, quiet on the ball she can take possession in the open field at full speed with no loss of control, she understands how to use pace to create for teammates and effectively uses diagonal balls to force opposing backlines to recover; a strong defender, she understands how to cut down space while staying under control. 

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