Tuesday’s ICBL doubleheader postponed

Nicholas Nealon (11) dives in ahead of Pat Bigham’s tag at first base during Saturday’s ICBL action. (Photo: SUE KANE)

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — For the second time in as many weeks, rain forced the postponement of an Interstate Collegiate Baseball League doubleheader. Tuesday’s West Division contests between the Snow Cats and Flyin’ Fish as well as the Cardinals and Diamond Pro Green were postponed. The make-up date is to be determined.

Action continues Wednesday with DP Orange facing the Monarchs and the Orioles taking on the Blue Jays.

ICBL Standings 2020
Rochester East Division W L Pct. GB Last 10 Strk
Monarchs 10 5 .667 0 W3
Blue Jays 10 6 .625 .5 6-4 W2
DP Orange 7 9 .438 3.5 2-8 L4
Orioles 4 11 .267 6 2-8 L2
Rochester West Division
Snow Cats 12 3 .800 0 W5
Cardinals 9 5 .643 2.5 8-2 L1
Flyin’ Fish 6 8 .429 6 3-7 W1
DP Green 1 12 .077 11 0-10 L12

ICBL Upcoming Schedule
August 5
Diamond Pro Orange vs. Monarchs
Blue Jays vs. Orioles
August 6
Flyin’ Fish vs. Snow Cats
Diamond Pro Green vs. Cardinals
August 7
Diamond Pro Green vs. Cardinals
Flyin’ Fish vs. Snow Cats
August 8
Diamond Pro Green vs. Diamond Pro Orange
Diamond Pro Orange vs. Cardinals
Cardinals vs. Monarchs
Monarchs vs. Flyin’ Fish
August 9
Flyin’ Fish vs. Blue Jays
Blue Jays vs. Snow Cats
Snow Cats vs. Orioles
Orioles vs. Diamond Pro Green

ICBL League Leaders
Player Team
On-Base% WHIP
Trotta, M. Snow Cats .612 Consaul, B. DP Orange .5
Serce, N. Monarchs .563 Gartland, AJ Snow Cats .5
Griggs, T. Flyin’ Fish .522 Shirley, B. Snow Cats .56
LoTemple, J. Monarchs .500 Serce, N. Monarchs .57
Ferranti, P. Orioles .425 Prarie, R. Snow Cats .67
Slugging BAA*
Rosso, S. Cardinals .743 Gartland, AJ Snow Cats .093
Montanez, C. Monarchs .633 Prarie, R. Snow Cats .111
Ferranti, P. Orioles .625 Alphonse, J. Cardinals .122
Sulimowicz, L. Monarchs .625 Countryman, M. Orioles .137
Griggs, T. Flyin’ Fish .618 DeJohn, J. Cardinals .141
Holmes, T. Blue Jays 1.293 Gartland, AJ Snow Cats 0.32
Trotta, M. Snow Cats 1.227 Prarie, R. Snow Cats 0.86
Rosso, S. Cardinals 1.153 Teska, A Blue Jays .148
Griggs, T. Flyin’ Fish 1.140 Smith, H. Blue Jays 1.21
Ferranti, P. Orioles 1.114 Consaul, B DP Orange 1.47
*Batting Average Against

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