NFL Week 5 Preview: Apologies, Christmas, and Football

Photo by Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the lack of posts last week.

Week 5 NFL Power Rankings:

32. Jacksonville (0-4) 16. Atlanta (1-3)
31. NY Giants (0-4) 15. Dallas (2-2)
30. Tampa Bay (0-4) 14. Baltimore (2-2)
29. St. Louis (1-3) 13. Houston (2-2)
28. Buffalo (2-3) 12. San Francisco  (2-2)
27. Pittsburgh (0-4) 11. Green Bay (1-3)
26. Cleveland (3-2) 10. Miami (3-1)
25. Arizona (2-2) 9. Chicago (3-1)
24. Oakland (1-2): 8. Cincinnati (2-2)
23. Minnesota (1-3) 7. Indianapolis (3-1)
22. Carolina (1-3) 6. Detroit (3-1)
21. Philadelphia (1-3) 5. Kansas City (4-0)
20. Washington (1-3) 4. New England (4-0)
19. NY Jets (1-3) 3. New Orleans (4-0)
18. San Diego (2-2) 2. Seattle (4-0)
17. Tennessee (3-1) 1. Denver (4-0)


Controversy may arise with the placement of some of the teams towards the bottom of the rankings this week, most notably the AFC North-leading Browns, and the 2-3 Bills. To put it simply; good luck. Good luck with the washed up second year pro, who may have never been dirty enough to be washed up in the first place, and the QB with the last name pronounced “TOOL.” Yes good luck with that.

Sorry if I’m coming across as combative; I’m probably projecting my team’s 0-4 frustrations on two of the most abused fan bases in all of sports and for that I do apologize.

I do not apologize for the placement of my beloved Steelers:

  1. If you take issue with a team being placed 27th instead of 28th, I apologize yet again for the disservice your owner has done to you.
  2. Believe it or not, the Steelers actually showed some signs of life offensively in what was for the most part a horrifying loss to one of the league’s worst teams.

Are some teams ranked too high? Tennessee’s 3-1 record certainly looks good on paper, but keep in mind who’ll be doing the quarterbacking for the Titans for the next couple of weeks (sorry Bills fans, I wouldn’t bring up those memories if they weren’t relevant).

Fitzpatrick, Tuel, and Weeden. As long as we’re on the topic of apologies, I think the NFL might have to own up and give us all Sunday Ticket for subjecting us to such QB play.

Why are teams like Atlanta and Green Bay up? Because teams like Houston and Baltimore are down.

Matt Schaub seems to be regressing quickly and Arian Foster might want to add more spinach to his veagan diet.

For Baltimore fans, I’d imagine watching the Ravens offense is something like eating Brussels sprouts as a kid. It’s ok, I cried too.

I do think the addition of Eugene Monroe was a significant upgrade.

On that subject:


Full Size Wooden Crate<br>(leg and shade ship together in crate), +

Steelers acquiring Levi Brown

(Photo via

 Baltimore trading for Eugene Monroe

(Photo via


Put it this way: from a Steelers fan’s perspective this is the equivalent of Scut Farkus flaunting a Red Rider BB Gun in Ralphie’s face or the Bumphis hounds making off with the Christmas turkey, but not before destroying the “Italian” lamp.

Essentially both division rivals needed a left tackle in the worst way and Monroe provides much more upside than the mediocre and oft-injured Brown.

Denver jumps Seattle for the top spot because Peyton Manning may be an Avenger.


Enough rationale. On to this week’s slate of games:


-Brees cuts (up) Chicago Defense

-Saints D overwhelms a young Bears line and covers for a pair of Brees turnovers


Saints 31 Bears 20


Reading Between the Lines: As long as Jay Cutler is frowning…


-Pats young receivers struggle

-Andy Dalton does not

-Bengals pass rush proves to be too much


Bengals 28 Patriots 24


RBTWL: Reverse Psychology


-Shoot out for the ages

-Rodgers on A-game

-Stafford coughs up the ball too much


Packers 38 Lions 35


RBTWL: Let’s get Jordy Nelson some fantasy points.


-Battle of two quality defenses

-Smith turnovers: 0

– Fitzpatrick turnovers: 2

-In a dual of speed-backs, Charles outgains CJ?K


Chiefs 20 Titans 12


RBTWL: I miss smashmouth football.


-Seattle defense hands Luck his worst game as a pro

-Colts ground game keeps it close

-Russell Wilson leads a game winning drive late in the fourth quarter


Seahawks 24 Colts 18


RBTWL: See Bengals Patriots


-Snoozer game of the week

-Blackmon’s return negated by horrendous QB play

-Bradford realizes he beat better teams in college, has career day


Rams 34 Jaguars 14




-Baltimore defense controls matchup

-Ravens offense keeps Miami in the game

-MIA O-Line fails Tannehill on last drive


Ravens 17 Dolphins 13


RBTWL: Please let there be a Mike Wallace meltdown


-No sign of improvement for Big Blue as Eli and Cruz continue to be the only producers on offense

-DeSean Jackson gives NY headaches as per standard



Eagles 27 Giants 20


RBTWL: The Giants make me feel good about the Steelers


-After appearing mortal early, Peyton eviscerates sorry Dalas secondary

-Romo tosses away any chance of staying in the game early in the second half


Denver 38 Dallas 24


RBTWL: Nothing is funnier than a Tony Romo meltdown


-Two teams in a state of “what’s going on?” wear each other out physically

-Schaub redeems himself against a understaffed and overrated Niners defense


Texans 27 49ers 23


RBTWL: A scornful fan that enjoys seeing “good” teams struggle


-Phil Rivers puts on a clinic against hapless Oakland

-Terrell Pryor makes it interesting, but lack of surrounding talent keeps it from being a thriller



Chargers 30 Raiders 20


RBTWL: The Black Hole deserves a big time QB in Teddy Bridgewater.


-Better game than it looks on paper; Jets defense gives M. Ryan fits.

-Jets offense gives R. Ryan fits.

-Geno crumbles under the crowd noise at the Georgia Dome.


Falcons 20 Jets 16


RBTWL: Rex’s fits are the best!
































Tim’s Pick Record Through 4 weeks: 38-26 (.594%)

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