Bill Clinton, Phil Jackson, Margaret Thatcher and Bryan Paul’s Puzzling NFL Predictions: Week 2


C’mon man! Lemme see. The picks weren’t that bad last week. (David Richard-US PRESSWIRE)

From Captain Clarky

Like the 16 National Football League teams that lost last week, this blog’s unique prediction format didn’t begin the 2012 season well, posting a 1-6 head-to-head record against Chuck Pollock of The Olean Times Herald. There’s plenty of time to improve as Week 2 begins.

Leadership gives football teams the proper guidance to become winners. Determined team owners hire front office officials to find talent on and off the field. Spirited coaches instill a foundation of toughness and passion that drives players to succeed. Quarterbacks and linebackers guide offenses and defenses respectively to victory.

Because football requires wise, strong and influential individuals, the Week 2 predictions theme is leaders.


Chicago Bears (1-0) at Green Bay Packers (0-1)-Sept. 13-8:20 p.m.-NFL Network

Phil Jackson coached the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association from 1989-98. The Zen Master’s coaching successes didn’t mirror the Bears’ performance against their rivals. Chicago was 6-14 against Green Bay during Jackson’s tenure.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Green Bay

Pollock’s Pick: Green Bay


New Orleans Saints (0-1) at Carolina Panthers (0-1)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-FOX

Michael Jordan, owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, played for the Bulls from 1984-99. There were more cheers at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte than there have been at all the Bobcats games so far under His Airness’ ownership. Panthers fans won’t be cheering at this game either. New Orleans is 4-0 against Carolina since Jordan purchased the Bobcats in 2010.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: New Orleans

Pollock’s Pick: New Orleans


Arizona Cardinals (1-0) at New England Patriots (1-0)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-FOX

Massachusetts voters elected Scott Brown to the United States Senate in 2010. Having Brown on Capitol Hill could cost New England this game. Brown is the first Massachusetts Republican senator since Edward Brooke held office from 1967-79. The Cardinals were 2-1 against the Patriots during Brooke’s Senate career.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Arizona

Pollock’s Pick: New England


Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) at Buffalo Bills (0-1)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-CBS

Margaret Thatcher, a Conservative Party member, served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-90. The current Prime Minister, David Cameron, is also a Conservative. Bills fans wish a Labour Party member resided at 10 Downing Street. Buffalo has a 221-226-5 record under Conservative prime ministers. Kansas City is 231-202-7.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Kansas City

Pollock’s Pick: Buffalo


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) at New York Giants (0-1)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-FOX

David Dinkins became the Mayor of New York City in 1990. The Giants defeated the Buccaneers 22-7 in Week 2 of the 1993 season, the year Dinkins lost his bid for reelection. However, the next mayoral election won’t be until 2013.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Tampa Bay

Pollock’s Pick: New York


Cleveland Browns (0-1) at Cincinnati Bengals (0-1)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-CBS

Bill Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States in 1993. The Browns were 7-3 against the Bengals during Clinton’s presidency. Since he left the White House in 2001, Cincinnati is 14-8 against Cleveland.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Cincinnati

Pollock’s Pick: Cincinnati


Minnesota Vikings (1-0) at Indianapolis Colts (0-1)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-FOX

William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States from 1986 to 2005, administered the oath of office to Clinton in 1993 and 1997. The Vikings were 178-142 while Rehnquist led the Supreme Court, while the Colts had a 150-163 record. Since he died on Sept. 3, 2005, Minnesota is 56-60. Indianapolis is 81-41.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Indianapolis

Pollock’s Pick: Indianapolis


Houston Texans (1-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-CBS

The Catholic Church’s College of Cardinals elected Joseph Ratzinger to succeed Pope John Paul II in 2005. Pope Benedict XVI’s blessing appears to be with the Texans, not the Jaguars. Houston has a record 7-6 over Jacksonville during his pontificate.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Houston

Pollock’s Pick: Houston


Baltimore Ravens (1-0) at Philadelphia Eagles (1-0)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-CBS

Ratzinger served as the Dean of the College of Cardinals from 2002 to 2005. Hu Jintao became the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China in 2002. The Eagles and Ravens have been franchises as strong as the Great Wall of China this decade. Philadelphia is 110-68-1 since 2002. Baltimore is 100-73.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Philadelphia

Pollock’s Pick: Philadelphia


Oakland Raiders (0-1) at Miami Dolphins (0-1)-Sept. 16-1 p.m.-CBS

Mao Zedong, the first Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, was in power from 1945-76. The Raiders were 9-2-1 against the Dolphins under Mao’s regime. Since his death, Miami has taken a great leap forward, posting a 13-10 record against Oakland.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Miami

Pollock’s Pick: Miami


Washington Redskins (1-0) at St. Louis Rams (0-1)-Sept. 16-4:05 p.m.-FOX

NBA commissioner Larry O’Brien oversaw the merger between his league and the American Basketball Association in 1976. During his commissionership from 1975-84, the Redskins had a 4-0 record against the Rams. Unfortunately for Washington, David Stern currently oversees the NBA.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: St. Louis

Pollock’s Pick: Washington


Dallas Cowboys (1-0) at Seattle Seahawks (0-1)-Sept. 16-4:05 p.m.-FOX

Peter Ueberroth organized of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. This year’s Summer Olympics took place in London. Since 1984, the Cowboys are 4-0 in Week 2 in years Olympic Games take place in Europe. Seattle is 3-1.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Dallas

Pollock’s Pick: Dallas


New York Jets (1-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1)-Sept. 16-4:25 p.m.-CBS

Jacques Rogge became President of the International Olympic Committee in 2001. Jets fans will be glad his term ends next year. Since 2001, the Jets are 18-18 in September. The Steelers are 21-15.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Pittsburgh

Pollock’s Pick: Pittsburgh


Tennessee Titans (0-1) at San Diego Chargers (1-0)-Sept. 16-4:25 p.m.-CBS

Duke University men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski has guided the United States men’s national basketball team to two gold medals. Titans fans won’t be camping at Krzyzewskiville on Duke’s campus anytime soon. Since Krzyzewski began coaching at Duke in 1980, Tennessee is 6-17 in games in California with a 2-6 record at San Diego.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: San Diego

Pollock’s Pick: San Diego


Detroit Lions (1-0) at San Francisco 49ers (1-0)-Sept. 16-8:20 p.m.-NBC

Bob Knight coached Krzyzewski when he studied at the United States Military Academy. As men’s basketball coach at Indiana University, Knight won three national titles. This fact will make Lions fans want to throw a chair across a room. In years Knight coached national championship teams, Detroit was 2-4 against NFC West opponents.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: San Francisco

Pollock’s Pick: San Francisco


Denver Broncos (1-0) at Atlanta Falcons (0-1)-Sept. 17-8:30 p.m.-ESPN

Indiana University President Myles Brand fired Knight in 2000. From 2002 until his death in 2009, Brand served as the Executive Director of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. During that time, Denver had a 1-3 road home record on Monday Night Football.

Bryan Paul’s Pick: Atlanta

Pollock’s Pick: Atlanta


Bryan Paul’s Week 1 and season record: 8-8


Pollock’s Week 1 and season record 13-3


Head-to-head matchups: Pollock leads 6-1


Week 3 theme: television




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  1. Smitty   September 16, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Fred Jackson had better be careful or he may have to change his name to Wally Pipp. C.J. Spiller is starting to figure the NFL out and his speed is deadly.

    Arizona exposed a major weakness with the Pats right now – their offensive line. It is pretty obvious that the line has not come together and has not recovered from Matt Light’s retirement. Belichick and Co. will get straightened out.

    Dallas looked bad today, but I think it was less to do with how they played and more with how Seattle played. That defense looks tough!!

    Good stuff guys!!

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