NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power RankingsBy Kyle Soppe


Every team has played 14 games, and here are how I rank the NFL’s 32 teams. The wild card battles are neck and neck, as is the division race in the NFC East. The final weeks will not lack drama, especially week 17 when divisional games dominate the NFL schedule. My preseason pick was Green Bay vs Baltimore in the 2012 Super Bowl. Who do you think will win the big one? Will the Colts get hot and lose the rights to the number one pick (the Rams play San Fran and Pittsburgh the final two weeks)?

Team Comment
Packers Week 15 hiccup doesn’t nullify previous 13 wins
Saints Brees remarkably consistent, Chris Ivory the difference maker
49ers Built for playoff success
Patriots Doing the most with the least overall talent
Steelers Need a healthy Big Ben to be a threat to win the AFC again
Ravens My super bowl team is capable of a stinker, but elite when focused
Falcons Balanced attack. Look to avenge sour taste of 2010
Texans Teams that run/play defense can succeed
Lions Megatron dominates, Suh intimidates
Seahawks Win ugly, but few teams are playing better
Cowboys Pass game clicking and elite run defense
Giants Conflicted team, but tough to beat when Manning is right
Jets Would be lower if not for proven ability to win in postseason
Bengals AJ Green’s ability is rare, but doesn’t feel like a postseason threat
Chargers Rivers heating up at the typical time, a team that should be feared
Broncos Conservative style shortens the game
Raiders Carson Palmer making plays, only getting better with DMC expected back
Eagles The last 6 win team that teams want to face
Cardinals Finding ways to win close games, living on the edge but batteling
Titans Couldn’t afford loss to Indy, team to watch in 2012
Chiefs Outscored by 127 on season, but mathematically alive in playoff hunt
Bears Puncless offense derailed promising start
Panthers Hope for the future with Ca$h Newton
Dolphins Fins play hard and may have found something in Bush, solid close to 2011
Redskins Grossman isn’t the long term solution
Bucs Seems to have quit. Did they really win 10 games last year?
Bills They are who we thought they were
Vikings I like their nucleaus with Ponder leading the show
Jags Sorry MJD, but this team may not win the SEC
Browns James Harrison did Colt McCoy a favor
Rams Jackson deserves better, team shows little promise
Colts Luck or Manning in 2012?

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