Who Am I? | August 31, 2011

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By Chas

I played most of my career with the same team, but for some reason, I’m almost as well known for the team who traded me away after I totaled 99 plate appearances in parts of two seasons.

OK, maybe it’s an exaggeration to say I’m just as well known for the team with whom I batted fewer than 100 times as for the team I played 14 years with. After all, I did hit over 300 homers and drive in almost 1000 runs for the latter team. It’s just that the trade is actually “discussed” in one episode of a popular sitcom.

I also got the chance to face my former team in the postseason three times. I batted .366 against them across those three series, but we only won one of them. Both times they beat us were in the league championship series, helping to prevent me from ever playing in the World Series. In fact, my team has never reached the Fall Classic. Not with me, not without me.

I hit over 40 homers and drove in over 100 runs in three consecutive seasons, but I only made the all-star team once. I also led the league in strikeouts in two of those years. Another dubious distinction I hold is I have the lowest stolen base success rate in history. Actually, they didn’t keep track of caught stealing prior to 1954, but since then my 25% 20% success rate (6 SB, 24 CS in 30 attempts) ranks dead last.

Who Am I?

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