The Parting of the Red Sea and more

Prior to their divisional showdown with the Cowpokes, Giants’ defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, requested that his team wear its alternate red jerseys. Spagnuolo professed the Jints would gain a psychological advantage as the ‘Pokes QB, Tony Romo, would feel the pressure of the Jints’ pass rush. The only advantage gained: Romo found the parting of the Red Sea as he hooked up with Terrell Owens for two second half touchdowns to lead Dallas.

The Giants and Eli looked good early. Manning completed five consecutive passes mixed in with some solid gains by Brandon Jacobs as the G-Men methodically marched down the field with their first possession. Three possessions later the Jints marched sixty yards for a 14-13 lead. Little did we know the ‘Pokes would take over from there.

A couple of blown cover assignments by the Giants’ secondary, a couple of holding calls, and New York is now fighting for a wild card as they stare at a key game with Detroit (of all teams).

Eli looked good early and completed 23 of 34 for 236 yards ( dare I say better than his brother this weekend). Throwing to Shockey(12 receptions) can only help. He tossed two interceptions, but one was a vain attempt to create something out of nothing late in the game. While Kevin Gillbride is his offensive coordinator, we can expect Eli to have that occasional blank stare as if he mumbling like a looney tunes character: “Which way did he go…which way did he go?” Eli! We know you’ve “been pushed around some, but you don’t have to live like a refugee.”

After immersing myself in the local high school fall sports season, this weekend’s football action was somewhat refreshing. I cringe at the idea of buying into the Giants again. The last two seasons they jumped out and won six of their first eight only to finish at or just above sea level. Next week’s matchup with Millen’s Mutts should prove much. Are the Lions for real?

More NFL – Not wishing to draw the ire of my mother-in-law I acquiesced and kept the remote tuned to the Bills’ game. I swear I could hear Dennis Hopper saying: “Don’t get caught watchin’ the paint dry.” That game was that bad …especially with Favre having another great game on the opposite channel.

Question presented on Mike ‘n’ Mike this morning: Brady, P. Manning, and Favre aside, who is the QB you would build your team around? Golic went for Roethlisberger while Greenberg chose Romo. Eli gets shunned like a refugee again.

Someone get me up to speed: did I hear correctly? The Packers/Cowpokes game on the 29th is only televised on the NFL network? This is just another reason why I have a tepid interest in the NFL. In my less-than-a-half-century life-span this league has gone from the Heidi game in 1968 (viewers missed out on the end of the Jets-Raiders game as NBS cut live coverage to go to its airing of the movie. When NBC switched programs the Jets led 32-29. Oakland scored 14 pts. in the last minute to win) to afternoon coverage of the Super Bowl in the 70’s, to now we have pay extra to see a great regular season game. Arrrrghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

More stuff: Haven’t heard any good ND jokes lately. Let’s hear ‘em. Better take advantage of it now, ‘cause it is only a matter of time before Uncle Charlie turns that ship around…if he hasn’t already.

While on the topic of college football: Cheers to Ron Zook and his Fightin’ Illini for taking down the Buckeyes. Do you think the people of Florida regret their impatience? Let’s not forget – Urban Meyer won the national title with Zook’s recruits.

Kansas stands at 10 and 0 with Iowa State and #5 Missouri left on their schedule. It is conceivable that the Jayhawks, along with Hawaii, finish the season undefeated. The only way the Jayhawks and the Rainbows get to Naw’lins is if they buy a ticket. Hmmmm…how does that bode for a BCS (Bowl Collusion Syndicate) title game?

Someone explain to me how Michigan stays in the top 25? They get embarrassed by Appalachian St. get undressed by Oregon, and now lose to Wisconsin.

Let the madness begin: Grand Valley State, Findlay, and Gardner-Webb – anyone recognize these names? Michigan State, Ohio State, and Kentucky do. Those three Davids knocked off three Goliaths of NCAA Men’s basketball. I love this game. Three games on tonight. Yippppeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muels – I will let you lead the Celts’ talk.

In case you didn’t see this: [youtube=]

Cheers to Mark Messier, Scott Stevens, Al McInnis, Scott Stevens, and Ron Francis for their induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Now we find out that Dustin Pedroia played the last two months of the season with a broken bone in his left hand. I love that kid! Gotta love Jason Varitek! The Sox backstop hunkered down on his front lawn this past Halloween and signed autographs for the neighborhood kids.

Please excuse my omission from yesterday’s post – hug a vet!!!! Your freedom depends upon it.

A little rockin’ for y’all: [youtube=]

6 Responses to "The Parting of the Red Sea and more"

  1. The Thrilla in Manilla   November 13, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    Casey did you ever get that lee elia link,

    Please Bruce over Tom Petty, Tom is good but he is no SPRINGSTEEN,

    The red sea parted in washington also this week, The Skins are the worst 4th quarter team

    Props to the St. John Fisher Football team, they have a tough road, but anything can happen, Take it one week at a time boys

    CC over beckett is a joke, post seson should count for something, but if you ask Beck’s what he would rather have I’m sure we all know the Answer

    A little piece of advice to Boston, GIVE LOWELL THE 4TH YEAR or he will be a ynakee and Arod will have more a chance of coming in.


  2. ccww   November 13, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    I am scratching my head over the fourth year also. This negotiation is eerily reminding me of Judas Damon.

    Fisher is becoming Rochester’s jewel – state of the art football facilities, new pharmacy program, nice little golf course, decent baseball setup…the list goes on. How did your brother do last weekend?

    I am happy Beckett didn’t get the CY Young. Will give him a little more motivation.

    Let’s just say I won’t be posting the Lee Elia tirade – I’m trying to maintain a family site 🙂

    Bruce is coming…just trying to whet your appetite, and I was trying to keep with the refugee idea for Eli.


  3. The Thrilla in Manilla   November 14, 2007 at 1:30 pm

    Brother did well,

    The Boss will be here March 6th, Make a day out of it tickets will be gone very fast. i already have mine let’s just say, “i know some people”

    This will be the last time he comes to Rochester with the band, It will be a great show, and if you have never seen him live it is truly soemthing that you don’t want to miss.

    Stephon Marbury is everything that is wrong with the NBA, He will get what he wants

  4. Aaron Smith   November 14, 2007 at 4:45 pm

    2008 MLB schedule out already and it has the Sox playing in Cincy..

    Can anyone say road trip????

  5. ccww   November 14, 2007 at 4:55 pm

    When I see Bruce on the 6th that will mark roughly 23 years since the last time I saw him. Is that a record?


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