Man In Black

Decades ago when Johnny Cash changed his attire to all black, he was questioned about whose funeral he planned to attend. Over the last two weeks Roger Federer, wearing his all-black ‘tuxedo outfit’, has once again put the competition to rest.

700,000 thousand fans crowded into the USTC this year, and those lucky enough witnessed possibly the greatest tennis player in history and probably the most-dominant current athlete.

At the age of 26 Federer has amassed 12 Grand Slam Titles. Only Pete Sampras, with 14, has more titles. Federer and the word consecutive go hand-in-hand: consecutive Grand Slam Final appearances-11, consecutive Wimbledon titles-5, consecutive US Open titles – 4.

Time again to reopen the discussion: How does Federer stack up to the likes Tigger, LeBron, and Sidney?

Interesting to note – today on ESPN’s – The Sports Reporters- Mike Lupica’s parting shots addressed this topic. Lupica can be whiny and abrasive, but he is also poignant. Lupica unequivocally weighed in with Federer.

I might have to reconsider my razor choice – I love the Gillette commercial with Woods, Federer, and Henry.

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  1. JD   September 13, 2007 at 9:05 pm

    I agree. The only one close is Tiger.

    When you are asked the question, “Who is the best basketball player, there are a number of players to choose from: Kobe, Lebron, Duncan, etc. Who’s the best Baseball player. Again a number of players to choose from. Football, heck wasn’t it on this web site that there was almost fisticuffs over who is the best QB, let alone overall best player.

    The debates’ for the “Best” in their sport could make for a lengthy discussion in just about any sport except for golf and tennis.

    Sitting around the bar with my good friend Paul discussing who is the best in their sport, I would much rather discuss football, baseball, heck even NASCAR than tennis or golf. We would not even finish the first pint before we’d have to say Tiger and Federer and head for the door. We would at least order a pitcher for any other sport.

    Federer goes over the top, in my book with his string of 10 straight final appearances in the majors. Even good old Tige flames out every once in a while in a major (2003 PGA at Oak Hill for example).

    On another note – maybe Charlie better start stealing signs from opposing teams a – la his mentor in New England. Hate to say it but stealing signs kind of taints the “Genius” of Belichick.

  2. Z Dubbs   September 14, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    The only knock I have against Federer is who is he beating? Federer has no consistent rival except maybe Nadal on clay. Tiger has a plethora of competition including Lefty, Vijay, etc. and the younger golfers seem to be catching up quickly, which is why I would vote Tiger as the most dominant and spectacular athlete in a his respective sport.

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