Wisdom From Woody Harrelson and Other Questions

If Pac-Man Jones receives a full-season suspension (as he should) without a formal arrest, then why does Tank Johnson, who has been arrested, only receive an eight-game suspension?

Why are people complaining about Lou Piniella being fiery? Isn’t that what is expected?

Why do people want Joe Torre to suddenly abandon his laidback managing style that has won four World Series titles?

Should the University of Florida take Billy Donovan back? For this answer consider Woody Harrelson’s situation in the movie, Indecent Proposal: young guy, starting out on a career, attractive wife, boatload of cash offered by Robert Redford (at the risk of being accused of a man crush I will use the words of my late Aunt Judy: “Any movie with Robert Redford is the worth the price of admission.”) for ‘one night’ – a guy’s worst nightmare, and the inevitable truth that the offer lasted more than one night. To the athletics department at the University of Florida: consider yourselves lucky that you won’t find yourself like Woody Harrelson sitting at the end of a pier, staring at the water, wondering what could have been, and wishing you could be suffering from a ‘fatigued groin’. No UF you are not young, nor are you just starting out. But Billy Donovan will recruit, and he will win. Like Woody took Demi back with open arms you should roll out the red carpet and welcome him back with open arms.

Speaking of ‘fatigued groin’, does Brian Cashman have any friends left? If so, are they caught standing near him? One has to wonder how many more times lightning will strike. Cashman signs Mussina to an extension. The ‘Moose’ currently has two wins and three losses with a 6.25 era. Cashman paid $26 mill to talk to a player currently workin’ out the bugs in Scranton. Now ‘The Rocket’ is putting off his 2007 Major League debut. What does a guy need to do to catch a break? I almost feel sorry for Cashman…not really.

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  1. Scooter   June 6, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    Coming straight from a Yankee fan…DON’T feel sorry for Cashman, he screwed up when he signed A-Rod. Yes he is having a great year, he’s been clutch so far (awesome HR on sunday by the way) and might be in the top 10 players of all time when his career ends but offense doesn’t win championships, pitching does!! Without A-Rod the yankees could produce enough runs to win if their pitching could at least keep it close. Instead of wasting 250 mil on A-Rod they should have signed a defensive 3rd baseman for a third of the price and gone after two or three young pitchers. Another move that infuriates me is Cash goes after Pavano 20+ mill a year and he has pitched less games in two years than I can count on my right hand alone. Is Cash unlucky or is this ultimately George’s fault. If there wasn’t so much pressure to win RIGHT NOW then maybe Cash could take some chances and the future might look young and vibrate. Do you think the Yankees include walkers and canes in their players contracts?

  2. ccww   June 6, 2007 at 10:51 pm


    Two days in a row? Be still my beating heart. The list go on and on about the Yankee front office decisions. The Yankees circa 2000 scared the heck out of me. Now I just hate them.


  3. Muels   June 6, 2007 at 11:11 pm

    What Cashman has done but won’t get any credit for today is the same thing that Theo has done with the Saux but never gets the headlines for is the rebuilding of their respective farm systems. the Yanks are starting to see it with Cano and some young pitching (Hughes) and it will slowly get better. Theo has seen Pedroia but has also used the farm in trades to get Beckett while at the same time holding on to young pitching and outfield talent that may soon pay dividends (Lester, Bucholdtz or something, Ellsbury and Murphy in the outfield). Rebuilding the farm system takes time and patience and luck- Theo has received more of each than has Cashman. Part of why Boston is still up (at least for now)… This Lebron character just might convince me to watch a bit of the NBA Finals…maybe…now that the Ducks- not the MIGHTY Ducks- have won the Cup, will former Disney CEO Michael Eisner (actual hockey fan) get to touch the cup- no longer running Disney but Disney doesn’t own the Ducks now anyways…

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