Round And Round It Goes…

Where it stops, the sports world never knows. So many topics to discuss. Where should we start?

I find myself scratching my head when I see so many media outlets beginning discussions of the 2008 NFL draft. Yes, you read that right: the 2008 draft! What is this? New car sales! 2008?!?!?! This must be the genius of Mel Kiper – the man of so much self-promotion. The better half made a great comment about Kiper: He must not be married; no wife would let her husband leave the house with hair like that.

Seriously, the 2008 draft? Why would we analyze next year’s draft when a player is one mediocre performance in the BCS (Bowl Collusion Syndicate) Chan’ship game from dropping to the second day-Troy Smith, or one impressive performance against a mediocre defense in the Sugar Bowl to jettisoning to the top – JeMarcus Russell. Better yet, consider how a team’s needs could dramatically change as did the Redskins’ in 1985 when Joe Theisman’s career ended with a broken leg.

Speaking of Theisman, how ‘bout his criticisms of Brady Quinn? Every time Joe opens his mouth, I cringe. Does anyone else sense a twinge of jealousy on Theisman’s part? Let’s not forget that when Joe arrived in South Bend some three decades ago his name was pronounced THEES-MAN. He only changed the pronunciation in hopes of bettering his chances of winning some hardware.

On a side note – during a recent venture with the daughters’ soccer team we stayed in Berea, Cleveland. Just so happened that while we were there the Browns were holding Rookie Mini-Camp. As we gathered in the lobby of our hotel, two white vans pulled up to the door and unloaded several people…several large people. They all carried clipboards indicating they came from the Browners’ camp. I chuckled as a couple of the guys (had to be offensive linemen) needed to lean forward and sashay to get through a door way. The incident reinforced the “You would never make it in the NFL” commercial. Oh yeah, Brady was NOT with the rest of the rookies.

More NFL stuff – the Brett Favre episode continues to amaze. First he’s retiring; then he’s not. Then he wants to be traded; then he doesn’t. Then he’s not coming to mini-camp; then he is. Why does Favre need so much attention!?!? The longer this goes on, the more he diminishes his accomplishments. Once there was a time that I would adjust my schedule to make sure I watched the Packers play. Now there is a little more salt than cinnamon in Favre’s beard, and I suddenly want him to go away. As far as Brett’s assertions about the Randy Moss deal – does anyone think that if all things were equal, Moss would choose the Pack over the Patriots? Doesn’t it make perfect sense that Moss stands a better chance of succeeding while catching passes thrown by Tom Brady as opposed to Brett Favre? Doesn’t it make sense that Moss has a better chance of winning the Super Bowl with the Patriots?

Of course Favre is not the only aging veteran that has been allowed too much license. Thanks to Roger Clemens the sports world now knows of the “family clause”. If this move works for the Yankees, all the more power to them – yes, you can expect a few rants from Casey if it does work. In the mean time I find myself scratching my head as I hear Yankee fans on the radio justifying this move by saying: well the one team who can’t complain about this is the Sox who paid $50 million just to talk to a pitcher. First, the Yankees are one of the major players that have contributed to the inflated contracts in sports. Who else could have helped Tom Hicks out of his gaff. So now that others are anteing up, the Yanks are crying foul? Beyond that the Saux (thanks Muels) signed Dice-K to a six-year $52 million contract. Add in the beans for permission to talk and Boston signed a twenty-six year-old pitcher for a little more than $17 million per year(At this point Monty/Crossword Pete is saying THIS is why I don’t like professional sports). The Yanks, on the other hand, signed a forty-four year-old pitcher to $4 million per month! And he doesn’t need to be with the team everyday!?!?!?

Sad to see the Suns eliminated from the NBA playoffs. Now we have to wait until October to see Steve Nash feed Amare Stoudmire for a dunk. How ‘bout Nash in game four. He sticks his chest in there and takes a charge from Tim Duncan. Great stuff! I was wishing I could have heard Bill Walton’s comments on that play. Walton once criticized Scottie Pippen for trying to take a charge by saying: “What is Scottie Pippen doing trying to take a charge? Taking a charge is for players that have no game.” Walton only takes a back seat to Theisman. Someone should create a reality series where Theisman and Walton would have to cohabitate in the same domicile. THAT would be entertainment.

I am not among those who want to blame David Stern for the Suns’ loss. His reaction to the Robert Horry incident and ensuing melee was appropriate. What Horry did was wrong. But the rules about leaving the bench are clear and are established for the safety of all involved. It is unfortunate that the Suns suffer in this situation. But if this helps the league avoid anything remotely similar to what happened in Detroit a couple of years ago, then the rule has done its job.

More NBA stuff – Game 4 of the Cavs/ Nets series. Nets are down two with under :15 remaining. They take a timeout and run an iso for Vince Carter. He catches the ball at the high post, with his back to the basket, starts dribbling, and promptly loses the ball out-of-bounds. This is why the Nets took a timeout? Note to Lawrence Frank and all NBA coaches – go into your playbook. Find the page or God-forbid pages that you have for the iso play. Rip out those pages and use them in the fireplace. Iso is a great play when Michael Jordan runs it. Actually, every play Michael Jordan ran was great.

The Senators eliminated the Sabres, and the evidence continues to mount that the city of Buffalo is cursed. In game three Ryan Miller played out of his mind only to have the puck carom wildly off the boards behind the net and somehow end up in the goal. In game two the Sabres lost in overtime. This after the Sabres’ first goal was disallowed because video replay clearly showed the puck being advanced into the net by a hand. Of course video replay was inconclusive when the Sabres scored against the Rangers and the goal did not count. All this comes in the wake of last year’s injury bug that decimated the Sabres. Not to mention Brett Hull’s infamous goal which we are reminded of every time we see the painted goaltender’s crease. Have you noticed that announcers now refer to this area as THE paint? It is THE crease. THE paint exists in basketball. THE crease exists in hockey. If that’s not bad enough, the other night Maxim Afinogenov missed an open net, and the announcer referred to the play as a missed a lay up. A lay up? What is going on here? Let’s not forget Norwood’s wide right. And the jinx could go back to the 1970. In that year Buffalo-born-and-bred Bob Lanier led tiny St. Bonaventure into the NCAA Men’s Final Four. All hopes were dashed when Lanier broke his leg.

The world of cycling is proving that no one has a leg up on them in the bizarre category. “Menacing phone calls” after a couple of beers? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Greg LeMond and Floyd Landis settling their differences on the Jerry Springer show.

Rebounds and Put Backs:
Since the beginning of the 21st Century batters in the MLB have hit for the cycle on twenty-two occasions. During that same time nine no-hitters have been pitched.

The Cleveland Indians will honor Larry Doby on Friday August 10th. The entire team will wear Doby’s retired #14 in honor of the first African-American to play in the American League. Wally is happy.

For the first time in history the Hermann Trophy, given annually to the top male and female NCAA soccer player, was awarded to student/athletes from the same university. Kerri Hanks and Joseph Lapira both of Notre Dame earned soccer’s equivalent of the Heisman.

Champions League final takes place this Wednesday, May 23rd. Liverpool and AC Milan square off in Athens. All four of the English Premier League teams (Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool) won their groups. Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool advanced to the final four. Like McKee says: “We all need a good kick in the grass!”

Leave you all with a little wisdom from Hemingway: “But I try not to borrow. First you borrow. Then you beg.”

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  1. MyArmsAreBiggerThanYours   May 20, 2007 at 12:45 pm

    Capp’s Off-Season Acquisition Report:
    Best Off-season goes to…
    New England Patriots
    1. New England’s offense will be unstoppable. Donte Stallworth has given just a small taste (with Philly) of what he will bring to the Patriots in the future. It’s difficult to make a name for yourself when Aaron Brooks is your quarterback for the first two or three seasons of your career. McNabb gave him an opportunity to present himself last year, and with Tom Brady at the helm, this could be a career season for him, assuming he can repel the injury bug.
    The same can be said for Randy Moss. Culpepper was a good QB at the time, but again, Aaron Brooks leaves much to be desired. Now with a great QB, Moss could be back in the limelight. Also picking up Kelley Washington and handing the reigns over to Maroney should make a very good offense even better.
    Picking up Adalius Thomas and drafting All-American Safety Brandon Meriweather (who doesn’t hesitate to kick a team–or kicker– when they’re down) should strenghten an already solid defense. Kudos to New England… not only for their off-season, but for beating up on Buffalo twice a year.

  2. ccww   May 20, 2007 at 12:54 pm


    Tell it like it is – don’t hold back or sugar-coat. Great stuff! Bills fans let’s hear from you!


  3. Z Dubbs   May 20, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”
    -Joe Theisman

  4. ccww   May 20, 2007 at 10:04 pm

    Z Dubbs,

    Classic stuff!


  5. Aaron   May 21, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    A couple of thoughts.. When will Greg LeMond go away? For years he was after Lance Armstrong accusing him of doping, now he takes the stand against Floyd Landis.. Has there ever been an athlete more insecure about his place in his sports history? Oh wait, there is Barry Bonds. That being said, this guy should be supporting his fellow riders and instead he is leading the charge in condeming them.

    Has there ever been a better time to be a Red Sox fan? I am with everyone that is saying it is early in the season, and I won’t discount the Yankees until it is August and they are 25 games out. Buuutttttt.. you have to love the way the Sox are business like and the way they are attacking this season. Their pitching staff has been as good as advertised, and when you can have Kasey Gabbard come up from the minors and stifle the Braves – things are going well…. And to think if Manny gets hot. But the Red Sox organization is stacked and it is where the Yankees wish their organization was..But the Sox have 3 OF phenoms (see Murphy, Ellsbury and Moss), as well as a ton of pitching , that should only lead to a promising future.. I think this is the vision Theo Epstein had in mind – something the Braves have done for years – and they are on the verge of reaping the rewards.. Ahhhh the view looks good from here.

    Has a lottery been more important to a team’s history/future, then the NBA lottery for the Celtics? Get the #1 or #2 pick and they will be more then a playoff team over the next couple of years. Get anything outside the top 2 picks and they won’t be sniffing the playoffs anytime soon.

  6. ccww   May 21, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    Great thing about yesterday’s game – Kabbard goes 5 scoreless, Pedroia gets a double, Youk gets three hits, and Paps finishes the deal. The farm hands are at work, and I love it. But it is, as you say Aaron, May which is why I was dumbfounded when I read Bill Simmons’ recent article where he put the AL EAST standings out there for everyone to see. Great job Bill!

    I was listening to sports talk yesterday and a Celtic beat reporter said if the Greens get the #2 pick they should trade it. Nothing short of Oden will work. Durrant is going to take 3-5 years to develop and Oden could/should have an immediate impact. Since Ainge and Rivers have boxed themselves into such a corner they need results NOW. I tend to agree that Durrant is going to need some time, but he will be worth the wait. The wait that Ainge does not have the luxury of.


  7. ccww   May 21, 2007 at 4:02 pm


    In case you are wondering, I sent Simmons a tongue-lashing.


  8. Aaron   May 21, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    I thought the standings was a fun thing to share in small circles – like with fellow Red Sox fans.

    But to post it to rub it in on Yankee fans… Not yet, I agree..

    The rationale about #2 pick and Durrant makes sense… Problem is, people in Boston are in love with Durrant and PR backlash would be huge.. If they trade the #2 it better be for someone that is going to win now – big time.. And to be honest – Anything short of a package for Kevin Garnett probably won’t sit well with C fans..

  9. Wally   May 21, 2007 at 7:14 pm

    Note to Boston fans: As I warned Sabres fans in November after their torrid start, none of this will matter if you don’t go to the World Series. Actually, for you I should probably say “win” the WS. (If it were the Cubs, I’d stop at “go to the WS”. Hey, ANYONE can have a bad century!). The baseball season is only 1/4 done and the Bosox haven’t faced much adversity yet … are there key injuries lurking, etc? Still a bit early to write off the Yankmees, but I am enjoying their current state of misery and double digit deficit. I hope Clemens throws his shoulder out of its socket on his first ’07 big league pitch coming up. Anyway, don’t gloat … don’t even talk about it. Watch the games and stick to business. Don’t disrupt the karma by talking chan’ship … good things’ll happen if you keep your head down and stick to the job at hand. Take it one game at a time and stick in other cliches here _____________________________.

    Q: Are we already sure that the Detroit Tigers aren’t the real team to beat in the AL? Boy, they’ve got all the weapons and they’re pissed from throwing the WS away last season. And Shef has somethin’ to prove. Look out!

    Now, on to the Celtics. Don’t think for a minute that the #1 or #2 lottery pick is a slam dunk to future chan’ships. First of all, ya gotta get competitive first … try getting a promotion from laughingstock to mediocre as a baby step. Second, make sure you pick the “right player” in the draft. Is it Durrant? Remember, back in the early ’80s, Portland picked Sam Bowie at #2 instead of MJ, who went to the Bulls at #3. Oops! Ouch! Ever since, Portland’s been known simply as the Trailers. Anyway, Oden is da man … that’s the guy you want.

    Is Detroit really “Hockey Town”? I mean, isn’t that a bit more glib than Green Bay dubbing itself “Titletown”?? When you think of hockey, do you automatically say “Red Wings”? Well … we know two things for sure: a) Detroit has an image problem if they need perceived hockey success to boost it, and b) for sure they’re not “Football Town”, right Mr. Millen???



  10. ccww   May 21, 2007 at 7:31 pm


    I have often questioned Detroit’s claim to hockey town.
    But GBay was ‘Titletown’ for the ’60’s.
    Are you talking about the same Detroit Tigers that looked like lambs in Fenway Pahk last week. Count me among those NOT AT ALL INTIMIDATED BY GARY SHEFFIELD.

    I’m trying to figure out where you read material above that inclines you to send out your warnings.


  11. Wally   May 21, 2007 at 7:56 pm

    Casey — I just write … don’t have to be right. That’s the beauty of it. Do you want me to start a bibliography and footnoting my sources??

    Anyway, here’s Aaron’s quote that got me started “Has there ever been a better time to be a Red Sox fan?” Well, yes, for starters, how about immediately after the final out of the ’04 World Series that you won?!?!! Hey, I know he put out all those disclaimers following the quote, but I chose to ignore those … my prerogative. It’s fun to be like the “real media” and pull things out of context!!!

    OK, ya took 3 of 4 from the Tigers at Fenway. Really kicked their butts in those last 2 close ones!!!Congratufrickinlations!!! Did ya get a ring for that? NO??? Oh, that’s right, they don’t give rings for dominating April and May.

    Don’t get me wrong … I’m not rooting against Boston. They appear to have a great team, and it’s certainly better to see them in first than the Yankmees. Personally, I wish the Orioles were in first, but that’s another story. The good news for Yankmees haters is that Cleveland and Detroit, maybe even the Chisox (wish), will make the wildcard almost as difficult to win as the AL East crown.

    And it’s kinda cool that the Mets are good … that’s like piling the misery onto King George. Love it.

    Have a good one … my love to the girls!


  12. ccww   May 21, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    No rings for April and May but you were toutin’ the Tigers as a fearsome team, and it just seems a tad erroneous considering recent developments. 🙂

  13. Wally   May 21, 2007 at 8:41 pm

    “Erroneous”?!?! Hey, anybody playing over .600 ball at this point has got to be taken seriously. One could argue that the Tigers play in a tougher division and, by the way, Kenny Rogers has been on the DL for all of it and Zumaya went down about 10 days ago. Tigers are improved vs last year and they’re hungry. As a fan of the Palehose, I fear the Tigers (and the Tribe). Feeling that Bosox are superior is foolish … no erroneous … at this stage. You can’t conclude anything by last week’s results other than they appear to be a good match for eachother. BoSox won 3 of 4 with two wins being pitcher’s duels and they played at Fenway.

    Yankmees 4, RedSox 0 in the 5th. Better focus on the job at hand 🙂

  14. Muels   May 21, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    I just love Gotham with the “Bahstin” accent. Might set the English language back to pre-Middle Ages (I think it was called “French” back then)…

    Hey Wally, take it easy on the score updates from the Stadium while the Saux are up in games more than the Yanks are up in runs…

    No Red Saux fan worth his weight in baked beans is talking about the standings with a smile on his face just yet- you won’t hear too much from me until the Saux are 10 games up with 9 to play- and even then I’ll still be looking over my shoulder…

  15. Muels   May 21, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    Did Hemingway ever meet a teacher? All we do is borrow, borrow, borrow… (and steal when needed)…

  16. Muels   May 21, 2007 at 9:43 pm

    Did anyone hear David Stern’s interview on Dan Patick’s radio show? Didn’t hear a lot of professionalism out of the big cheese. He knew Patrick was going to hit him and he responded with his best impression of one of my least mature freshmen. Not selling me on the NBA Czar Stern…

  17. Muels   May 21, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    Capp is all over my Patriots…but as a true New England sports fan there has to be something bad about to happen…oh wait, there is still the Bruins!.. nevermind…sorry, but my Celtics will find a way to lose out on the big draft lottery Tuesday…just equalizing the good/bad karma with the Red Saux and Pats…

  18. ccww   May 21, 2007 at 10:00 pm


    Don’t stop while you are on a roll.


  19. Wally   May 22, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    I’m starting to wonder of Saux fans are becoming afflicted with “Schembechler Syndrome”, which is to say they are totally and primarily obsessed with beating the Yankmees, with the World Series being a second tier “icing on the cake” type of thing. Exhibiting similar behavior, the University of Michigan failed to win a National title for 50 years (ended ’98). Head coach Bo Schembechler was so obsessed with beating Ohio State and going to the Rose Bowl that he failed to win key non-conference games almost every year which prevented his beloved skunkbears from winning the Nat’l chan’ship, which is really what matters. Wasn’t until he retired that folks bothered to ol’ Bo that nobody outside the Big 10 really cares who wins the Rose Bowl … NC’s are what really matter.

    (A classic example of Bo’s sheer stubbornness … anyone remember this on a rainy October afternoon: Hey, Bo, I dare you to kick it to Rocket Ismail AGAIN. Michigan kicks it to Ismail AGAIN … Touchdown, Notre Dame!!! AGAIN!!!)

    So just be careful Saux fans … this regional elitism (AL East, Yankmees) may take your eye off the ball you really need to hit hard.


  20. Muels   May 22, 2007 at 9:13 pm

    The NBA is no longer of interest to me…my Celts have no luck whatsoever…not even in the top 3?…good thing this blog is G rated…#$%&*&*%

  21. Muels   May 22, 2007 at 9:14 pm

    Reference comment #17…

  22. ccww   May 22, 2007 at 10:33 pm

    I’m waiting for Saux comments.


  23. ccww   May 22, 2007 at 10:42 pm

    Ok – I waited long enough. If you would have told me prior to the season that Julian Tavarez would pitch 47 innings by May 22nd, I would have said band-aid sales in Mass. would be high because something would be needed to stop the hemorrhaging. Somehow this guy has 3 wins. And whatever karma Tito called upon for the fifth, he better not go to that well anytime soon because after tonight it has to be dry.

    Gotta love Yankee announcers. In response to A-Rod’s slide in the 8th: “I could see where Pedroia might think that was a little out of line, but Alex might have lost his balance on the play.” Now I know that WB16 had some transmission difficulties, but does anyone think A-Rod lost his balance on that play?

    And the boo-birds are after Abreu. How much longer before he reverts to his Philly Cheesesteak form?


  24. ccww   May 22, 2007 at 10:55 pm


    ?!?!?!?! Are there still snow banks in Alaska? Do you still have your head in one? What are you basing your opinion on? Your comparison sounds great and all, a nice little throwback that might take the naive by storm and have them say wow this guy has some wisdom, but what are you basing this on? Are we not allowed to discuss the game. Yesterday you went from telling us to cool our jets to proclaiming the Tigers as the team to beat(which by the way they are one Air guitar video game away from needing another reliever) to trying to make one game in May our focus. Oh, I get it this is more of your need to say whatever you can to get someone riled. Kinda like your erroneous response.
    Wait you did admit to being a little out of touch.

  25. Aaron   May 22, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    Before Bobby Abreu reverts back to his Philly Cheesesteak form? He is ALREADY there.. Thank God Torre keeps putting him in the lineup..

    Any the Yankees are counting on Mussina’s 83 mph fastball to help them get back into things? Yikes…

    I like how ESPN has today that one win over the Sox and the Yankees have their swagger back.. Ooops look like they lost it again.

    The curse continues for the Cs… #5 pick? Are you kidding? The NBA lottery sucks…

  26. Muels   May 22, 2007 at 11:49 pm

    What’s to say about the Saux?…Youk said it after tonight’s game- we aren’t worried about what the Yankees do because we just pay attention to the Red Saux… if this is our attitude then Wally can stop worrying about the Saux ignoring the rest of the league to focus on the Yanks, because they are just taking care of what they can control… I couldn’t wish for any better… did I mention I’m done with the NBA?- just checking…

  27. Aaron   May 23, 2007 at 10:23 am

    Muels, The businesslike approach, has been driving Boston reporters up the wall all season. That is also been the common compliment this team has been getting all year. Each one of them talks about taking it one inning at a time, one game at a time and one series at a time.

    I think that is why the Papi and Schilling comments got so far out of hand. Nothing else to complain about…And it has been great…

  28. ccww   May 23, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    Casey —
    The snow has indeed melted … a long time ago. Hey, we’re getting daylight from 4:30am to midnight and we’re gaining like 3 mins per day. So the problem is really my insomnia … can’t get any shut-eye due to all the daylight … will only get worse after the last day of school for the kids … which is TODAY!!! I’m losin’ my mind …

    Are you sure this Reyes guy has been in the league 3-4 years?? 🙂


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