Spurs win in spite of themselves

Anyone watch last night’s game Spurs vs Suns? I only saw the second half, but was amazed once again. The Spurs are insanely talented as a team … and I stress “TEAM” … they are well-structured as a unit with very talented players, most of whom play their roles very well. Pop is a great coach. They have won 3 chan’ships and are trying for a 4th right now.

During this 7 year “run”, I have never viewed them as a “smart” team … they often win in spite of themselves and when they lose in the playoffs it’s usually because they have a mental meltdown in the 4th quarter. The game 4 loss to the Suns is Exhibit A. Last night’s game 5 was another case in point. For several minutes in 4Q, the Spurs were on the verge of overtaking the Suns and they must’ve carelessly thrown the ball away 3 times in the last 4 minutes. Sometimes Manu and Tony Parker are on another planet … just brainless. And then there’s Tim Duncan, who very often turns into Kim Duncan during clutch free-throw situations, such as the one last night when he bricked 2 FTs when 1 make essentially clinches the outcome.

DESPITE ALL THIS, they somehow win the game. One reason is their great defense usually bails them out. And who of all people makes the clutch trey? Yes … the unsung so-called dirty player: Mr. Bruce Bowen. I guess he’s not just a thug afterall 🙂


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