Kobe or MJ ??

Interesting topic that’s been on a lot of sports talk shows lately … given that Kobe Bryant has been on a scoring binge … averaging over 40 points per game for the month of March!!! The question is: Who’s better … Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?? There are also several derivatives: Who’s the better offensive player?, who’s the better defensive player?, who would you rather have with the game on the line and 15 seconds left?, etc. I prefer to focus on the very simple question of “Who’s the better player?”

Although I’ll be the first to admit that Kobe is very similar to MJ … it’s almost scary what he can do offensively and in some ways might be a bit better than Jordan … I give the nod to Michael as the better all-around player. I won’t go too in-depth, except to point out the following: MJ is a better defensive player, a better leader, and had a greater impact on making his teammates better. As a pure scorer, I give a slight edge to Kobe, but Jordan is/was a better passer, a true defensive force, and one of those rare players who elevated the entire team. 6 chan’ships says it all … and he woulda had 8 if not for the stupid 2 year baseball excursion during his prime … and mighta had 1 or 2 more near the end of his career if the Bulls coaching staff/front office didn’t despise eachother. Blame it on Jerry “Crumbs” Krause!!!

Anyway, that’s my answer … MJ all the way!!! I am a Chicago homer who’s trying to be objective … so I’m very interested in what everyone else thinks. Please offer your opinion.


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