Great Broadcasting Calls

“The scramble for Atlanta is on!”

“He must have gotten lonely. That’s the first open opportunity he had all night, and he drilled it.”

"He must have been trying to throw it off the back of a Washington State defender because he couldn't have thrown that bad of a pass."

"You've got to box out Tyler Hansbrough. He plays like every rebound is his."

"Somebody better get some tissue and wipe that dunk off Indiana's face."

"Xavier had their chance. It came down to a free throw."

"Does he (Ty Lawson) have starting blocks in his back pockets?"

"Get them puppies moving. You gotta get a head start with this kid(Tarrance Crump)."

"He (Roy Williams) is shopping from the top shelf at a high-end store."

"Air is a precious commodity for those on the floor right now."

"Tim Floyd might want to consider using a box and one and putting the box on Kevin Durrant."

"You mention the back door cut. Pete Carril would love the start to this game."

"Why did you say my goodness? He (Jeremy Hunt) didn't need divine intervention."

"The only way to stop him...get a rope!!!!"

"When one team delivers a blow, the other comes back with a haymaker and connects."

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