Father forgive me…

For I have sinned. I know not what is going on with me. I have been carrying this grief on my chest for a couple of weeks now. The weight is becoming too great. I have come to a realization, and I don’t want to admit this…, but…but…Mariano Riviera deserves all the props he gets. There you have it. I feel as light as a butterfly.

Why have I come to this point?

Recently, Brian Cashman announced that the Evil Empire would not consider renewing Riviera’s contract until after the season. In response to the Yankees’ cold shoulder Riviera commented that in no way would he consider signing with the Red Sox. WOW!!!! That means Riviera dislikes the Sox. He…maybe has some allegiance to the Bronx Bombers. Or he just couldn’t bear wearing a Sox uniform. Anyway you look at it, he is showing some emotion.

In this day and age when professional athletes contend that rivalries are for the fans, Riviera lends hope to the sports world. Riviera has in effect told Theo Epstein and his boys to forget it. You can put all the commas and zeroes you want into an offer. He’s not taking it. Riviera has spent an entire career trying to snuff out Red Sox rallies (not very successful in 2004-game4 ALCS), and he doesn’t plan to shift his allegiances.

Thank you Mariano. Thank you for showing me that maybe, just maybe professional sports hasn’t become entirely a business.

Now, I will go and say ten Hail Marys. Penance is a great thing.

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