A Defending Trend

A brief overview of recent college hoops:

Washington 61
UW took away UCLA’s running game. As a team the Huskies made a commitment to get back on the defensive end and eliminate any possibility that Bruins might have for getting easy lay ups.

Wisconsin 52
Michigan State 50
One stat I would love to see for this game: how many shots were taken with ten or fewer seconds remaining on the shot clock. Neither team allowed the other to get easy buckets. I don’t recall seeing any open floor lay ups. Both defenses tightened and kept the offenses from getting good looks.

Butler 67
Loyola (Illinois) 66 OT
A couple of weeks ago the Bulldogs canned 20 shots from behind the arc. Last night they managed eight – including AJ Graves getting a bagel (zero). At the end of regulation the teams scored fifty-four apiece.

Georgetown 59
UConn 46
The Huskies have struggled all year putting the ball through the twine. The Hoyas just made it even more difficult. UConn ranks eighth in rebounding margin (Florida, Michigan State, UNC, Kansas, and Washington all ahead of them), but continues to struggle to convert those boards into points.

Southern Illinois 53
Bradley 51
The Salukis rank third in team defense allowing on average fifty-six points per game. Bradley couldn’t quite make the average.

Washington State 88
USC 86 2OT
In the past the Pac-10 has been synonymous with offense. Hmmmm….not the case anymore. Tony Bennett (With that name – he must have been a tough kid growing up) preaches defense as does Trojan coach Tim Floyd.

Oregon 70
Oregon State 49
Yeah the Ducks piled up seventy, but they held the Beavers to 49.

Washington St. 45

Virginia 69
Virginia Tech 56

BYU 62
Air Force 58

Some may suggest that we beware the Ides of March, but for teams seeking the Holy Grail: Beware the Defense!!!!!!!!!

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