O Caption My Caption! Crosby & Ovechkin 12/26/10

I challenge you, loyal readers, to view the picture below and provide a captivating caption that will cause “the shores a-crowding” with “people all exulting.” Should you provide the wittiest of captions, for you the flag will be flung and the bugles will trill.

Rebounds & Putbacks | 12/27

Getting more assists than baskets is a familiar situation for the Sun point guard. Against Oklahoma City on the 23rd, Nash went 10-17 from the field with 12 assists. Two nights earlier, the Santa Clara grad finished 7-13 against the Cavs with 10 assists. Nash dished out 15 assists versus the Wizards going 6-12.

Winter Classic ’08

Gas: $25 NYS Thruway Tolls: $3.50 Pit stop prior to arriving at the stadium: 20:00 Parking: $10 Front row obstructed view seat: $10 Being at the center of the hockey universe for an afternoon: PRICELESS