Week 15 Sunday Scores & Monday Prediction

The NFC North leading Chicago Bears (9-4) travel to Minnesota to play in the Vikings (5-8) first outdoor home game in almost three decades. With the Metrodome collapsed, the University of Minnesota will host the game after last week’s game was moved to Detroit. How will the elements change the game?

Week 15 Predictions

Week 15 has many games with playoff implications. Unlike years past, there are no teams that can afford to bench their starters, unless you are Mike Shanahan.

Week 11 Notes & Predictions

Bye weeks are over, so all your teams are in action in Week 11. There are many big games on this week’s schedule, including Green Bay at Minnesota and New York Giants at Philadelphia.

Bracket Buster: A Lesson On Allegiances

I’m sorry Jay Wright. I’m sorry Villanova. Most importantly, I’m sorry Philadelphia. I forgot for one single moment how important our allegiances are, not just to our school, but the places we call home. For a brief moment I turned my back on you. And for what? A silly, meaningless bracket.

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