NFL Splinters | Super Bowl 2010 Edition

The fact that Indy’s longest play from scrimmage was a run. Now that was a surprise. The Colts finished the regular season ranked dead last in rushing yards per game with at 80.9. In comparison, the Jets led the NFL with 172.2 yards per game.

NFL Splinters | Week 5, 2009

What looked like an impending train wreck has become a runaway train in Denver. Josh McDaniels came to town an quickly showed quarterback, Jay Cutler, the door. Then a rift with Brandon Marshall appeared to spell doom for the rookie coach. Those are all distant memories as the Broncos outlasted Tom ‘Terrific’ and the New England Patriots in OT, 20-17. Kyle Orton went 35-48 for 330 yards while Brady finished 19-33 for 215. Didn’t Orton struggle in Chicago? After key wins over the Pats and Dallas Cowboys, Denver’s gauntlet of a schedule continues with a Monday night affair at San Diego. After a bye week, the Broncos travel to Baltimore before hosting Pittsburgh.

NFL Splinters | Week 3 2009

Mark Sanchez is showing he’s not a boy; he might just be a man, and he has Jets fans dreaming of the Promised Land. With the Pats in week 2 and the Titans in week 3, many had the Jets opening the season at 1-2. And rightly so. Rex Ryan would have been happy with 2-1. 3-0 and Rexy has to be giddy. Giving up 33 points in three games and one of those games against the Pats – the Jets might be for real. Since they play home games in Jersey, Bruce can offer a little more advice: “Blow away the dreams that tear you apart – Blow away the dreams that break your heart -Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted.”

It’s Always Best To Let A Sleeping Giant Lie

Was it a case of you never wake a sleeping giant, or you never give your opponent bulletin board material? Whatever the lesson, the Pittsburgh Steelers got a crash course in it. Making said ‘guarantee’ made as much sense as kicking to Devin Hester. If there is a next time, maybe the Steeler D should […]