Springsteen: Reflections from the Vernon Downs pit

Reason To Believe (Rochester 2008) brought the harmonica out and down came the house. Johnny 99 (Saratoga Performing Arts Center (2009) leaned on rhythm and blues and the backing vocals made me look around for train tracks. There had to be an engine somewhere with Curtis King and Cindy Mizelle singing…

NFL Splinters | Championship Sunday, 2010

Twenty-nine days ago, Jim Caldwell, Peyton Manning and the rest of the Indianapolis Colts endured a flock of boo birds amongst their fans at Lucas Oil Stadium. With home field advantage through the playoffs safely in hand…

NFL Splinters | Divisional Playoffs

Those expecting this game to resemble a shootout were surprised when the Saint defense clipped the Cardinals’ wings. Arizona managed just 14 points on 359 total yards. One week after scoring 51, the Cardinals offense met a stronger force in the Saints D. Arizona’s defense surrendered 90 points in two playoff games.

NFL Splinters | Wild Card Weekend-2010

All of that history was thrown out the window as easily and as quickly as the Ravens’ Ray Rice sprinted 83 yards less than a half a minute into the game. Little did the football world know, the game could have ceased right there. Fans of New England might have been happy if that was the result. Baltimore picked three Tom Brady passes. The Ravens sacked Brady three times and knocked down the Patriot QB three more times.

NFL Splinters | Week 17, 2009

I am going to take Tom Coughlin’s lead and make no excuses for the Giants. After watching the midgets fall behind 17-0, spending two and a half hours behind a snow blower in sub-zero wind chills seemed a better way to spend my time. When did the Giants sign the sponsorship contract with the Hoover Vacuum Co? Because they sure do SUCK!

Before I forget, while snow blowing I popped on the IPod. Turned the volume up LOUD and listened to ‘The Rising.’ I forgot about how bad the Giants are.

NFL Splinters | Week 16, 2009

Much to the chagrin of all those looking to witness history, the Indianapolis Colts pulled the plug on their run to perfection. With a 9-3 lead at half, Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark …(anyone I forgot?) traded helmets on baseball caps, and the New York Jets handed Indy loss numero uno, 29-15.

NFL Splinters | Week 15, 2009

But as they have so many times this years, the Colts figured out a way. Manning hit Reggie Wayne on a 65-yard touchdown and the Colts improved to 14-0. With all the other accolades (consecutive regular season wins and wins in the decade) the Colts added one more. Indy joined the ’72 Dolphins and ’07 Patriots as the only 14-0 teams in NFL history. Hey Mercury! Peyton is in the zip code.

NFL Splinters | Week 14, 2009

Prior to the season, few, if any, of us could have predicted the Cleveland Browns playing Muhammad Ali to the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers’ season. But Thursday night, the Browners delivered a knockout punch, 13-6. The glaring statistic from Thursday’s game is the eight sacks endured by Ben Roethlisberger. Eight sacks? To the Cleveland Browns? Wait…How many sacks did the Browns have going into that game? 24? That means the Browns picked up 25% of their current sack total against the defending…now definitely past tense…Super Bowl champion, Pittsburgh Steelers. I am trying to imagine the discussions in the huddle. Does anyone think Big Ben became a tad concerned with assignments? Any moments of awkward silence? What are the chances Roethlisberger was reduced to begging?

NFL Splinters | Week 13, 2009

In November, the Indianapolis Colts won four consecutive games by a combined total of 10 points. Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints have lit up scoreboards to the tune of 407 points while limiting opponents to 221. For one day, at least, the two undefeated teams changed roles. Indy sprinted to a 21-3 lead, and its defense held serve as they downed the Tennessee Titans, 27-17. New Orleans needed overtime to best the Washington Redskins, 33-30.

NFL Splinters | Week 12, 2009

NFL Splinters | Week 12, 2009

With two teams maintaining undefeated records, the Minnesota Vikings might go unnoticed. Well, maybe not. The pressure of going undefeated is off them, and the Vikings might have the best lineup in the NFL. Instead of falling apart like Humpty Dumpty, Brett Favre contniues to lead the potent Viking offense. Yesterday, the Vikes rolled up 537 total yards against the Chicago Chihuahuas…er…Bears. Favre with Adrian Peterson, and Sidney Rice are as lethal a trio as any in the league. Minnesota averages 31 points per game. New Orleans leads the league at 36.9, and Indy scores 27.6. At the same time the Vikes limit opponents to 18.5ppg. New Orleans opponents score 20 ppg. Indy’s adversaries get 16.7.