O Caption My Caption! Brett Favre 12/4/10

I challenge you, loyal readers, to view the picture below and provide a captivating caption that will cause “the shores a-crowding” with “people all exulting.” Should you provide the wittiest of captions, for you the flag will be flung and the bugles will trill.

NFL Season Preview: NFC North

Green Bay should have an outstanding season. Rodgers has improved every year since he took over, and I expect him to continue to get better, if that’s possible. The Packers are one of the favorites to not only win the North, but also to make it to the Super Bowl.

Sarah Palin and the Palm Readers

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate, has caught some criticism at a recent convention for apparently writing notes on her left hand. Who knows what she really recorded on the all-natural notepad. Perhaps some notes to not forget in her speech or maybe just a reminder of what to do or not to do…

NFL Splinters | Divisional Playoffs

Those expecting this game to resemble a shootout were surprised when the Saint defense clipped the Cardinals’ wings. Arizona managed just 14 points on 359 total yards. One week after scoring 51, the Cardinals offense met a stronger force in the Saints D. Arizona’s defense surrendered 90 points in two playoff games.

NFL Splinters | Week 16, 2009

Much to the chagrin of all those looking to witness history, the Indianapolis Colts pulled the plug on their run to perfection. With a 9-3 lead at half, Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark …(anyone I forgot?) traded helmets on baseball caps, and the New York Jets handed Indy loss numero uno, 29-15.

NFL Splinters | Week 6, 2009

The Saints rolled up 493 yards of total offense and left no doubt in trouncing the formerly undefeated New York Giants, 48-27. Brett Favre tossed three touchdowns, but it almost wasn’t enough as the Minnesota walked a thin line in defeating Baltimore, 33-31.

NFL Splinters | Week 5, 2009

What looked like an impending train wreck has become a runaway train in Denver. Josh McDaniels came to town an quickly showed quarterback, Jay Cutler, the door. Then a rift with Brandon Marshall appeared to spell doom for the rookie coach. Those are all distant memories as the Broncos outlasted Tom ‘Terrific’ and the New England Patriots in OT, 20-17. Kyle Orton went 35-48 for 330 yards while Brady finished 19-33 for 215. Didn’t Orton struggle in Chicago? After key wins over the Pats and Dallas Cowboys, Denver’s gauntlet of a schedule continues with a Monday night affair at San Diego. After a bye week, the Broncos travel to Baltimore before hosting Pittsburgh.