NFL Season Preview: NFC North

Green Bay should have an outstanding season. Rodgers has improved every year since he took over, and I expect him to continue to get better, if that’s possible. The Packers are one of the favorites to not only win the North, but also to make it to the Super Bowl.

NFL Splinters | Week 14, 2009

Prior to the season, few, if any, of us could have predicted the Cleveland Browns playing Muhammad Ali to the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers’ season. But Thursday night, the Browners delivered a knockout punch, 13-6. The glaring statistic from Thursday’s game is the eight sacks endured by Ben Roethlisberger. Eight sacks? To the Cleveland Browns? Wait…How many sacks did the Browns have going into that game? 24? That means the Browns picked up 25% of their current sack total against the defending…now definitely past tense…Super Bowl champion, Pittsburgh Steelers. I am trying to imagine the discussions in the huddle. Does anyone think Big Ben became a tad concerned with assignments? Any moments of awkward silence? What are the chances Roethlisberger was reduced to begging?