Sports Reincarnations

So I’m sittin’ in my easy chair the other night watching the Mavs and Warriors go at it … and then it hits me. The whole game I’m watching Baron Davis and thinking “I’ve seen this guy before … but where?” It’s like I’ve seen him in another life, or more specifically, in HIS other […]

Remembering Jackie Robinson (AGAIN)

We remember #42 again and again and again and … Okay … okay … I GET IT ALREADY!!! Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier and was a damned good ballplayer. So was Larry Doby. And what about the other great black players who came before Jackie? I don’t know about you, but I’m all “Jackied […]

Kobe or MJ ??

Interesting topic that’s been on a lot of sports talk shows lately … given that Kobe Bryant has been on a scoring binge … averaging over 40 points per game for the month of March!!! The question is: Who’s better … Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?? There are also several derivatives: Who’s the better offensive […]

When is a foul intentional?

Well … that’s a bit difficult to answer because you’d have to be a mind-reader to some extent. But it was absolutely criminal for the referees in Saturday’s Xavier vs Ohio St. contest not to call an obvious intentional foul on Ohio St. with about 9 seconds left in regulation. Greg Oden quite clearly committed […]

Final 4 and beyond … who will wear the crown?

Okay, boys. This is the moment (okay, one of the key moments) we’ve been waiting for. It’s the opportunity to fill out those doggone brackets and figure out who’s going to the Final Four, and more specifically, who’s gonna claim that chan’ship. We’re gonna play “closest to the pin”, cuz nobody’s gonna ace this quiz. […]

The Passing of Dennis Johnson

What a shock! Former Celtics great Dennis Johnson dies at 52 The Associated Press February 22, 2007, 4:48 PM CST AUSTIN, Texas — Dennis Johnson, the star NBA guard who was part of three championship teams and combined with Larry Bird in one of the great postseason plays, died Thursday after collapsing at the end […]

College Hoop Scoop — midseason Q’s

Going into this weekend, most college hoops team are about halfway through their conference schedules. Various sites are beginning to post early drafts of the NCAA tournament brackets, which of course will be changing on a weekly basis. Most hoops fanatics really begin digging in their heels right now as games become more important, especially […]

The Last Word

Congratulations to the Colts and their fans !!! Your first major league world championship in any sport is now a reality. You deserved to win the Super Bowl on Sunday and have persevered many years to get to this point. The Colts are NFL Super Bowl Champions … now carry the trophy with dignity and […]

Super predictions

Faithful readers … now’s the time to flaunt your skills as a sports prognosticator. Super Sunday is 5-6 days away. The big game is almost here. Peyton has a chance to propel himself within talking distance of the Top 4 QBs of all-time with a win. Bears have yet another chance of leveraging that big […]

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