Super Bowl Saturday

Okay … here’s the deal. If I’m in any way interested in the Notre Dame football program “being all it can be”, then this Saturday’s tilt vs long-time rival USC is my Super Bowl this season. We’re 1-6 right now, and of our 6 losses, none have been nail-biters. We shot ourselves in the foot […]

Do or Die for the BoSox

Well … the Saux have certainly been here before … facing a seemingly insurmountable deficit in the ALCS against a very capable opponent. Can they come back again … like they did to the Yankmees back in ’04? Or will they wilt and die as against the ChiSox in ’05? (Had to get that in […]

Columbus Day Musings – The Sequel

Greetings from the crotch of football mediocrity. Yes, yes, yes here along the shores of Lake Ontario we have Syracuse University jes’ a li’l stretch east on the thruway. The Orangemen continue their descent into the college football abyss (don’t look now they might be neck and neck with the Fightin’ Irish). The Orange have […]

Man In Black

Decades ago when Johnny Cash changed his attire to all black, he was questioned about whose funeral he planned to attend. Over the last two weeks Roger Federer, wearing his all-black ‘tuxedo outfit’, has once again put the competition to rest. 700,000 thousand fans crowded into the USTC this year, and those lucky enough witnessed […]

Irish Stew

Wow. How dissappointing was the ND game Saturday? Another EMBARRASSING loss, and the realization that the media experts and pundits might know something that we, or certainly I, didn’t know. Like a 6-6 record this year might actually be a decent job. Like ND was lucky to get a few top 25 votes in the […]

Here’s Motivation

If this doesn’t get our boys’ blood boiling, nothing will. The initial Coaches Poll came out today and our beloved Fighting Irish were ranked tied for #29 with South Carolina. Ahead of ND are such football “powerhouses” as Hawaii, TCU, and Rutgers. Also ahead of ND are six ’07 opponents (from highest): USC, Michigan, UCLA, […]


I hate that feature “Who’s Now” that ESPN has been running. Just don’t like the constant focus on individuals and it’s definitely filler material. But I do know that baseball is definitely “what’s now”. It’s been a very exciting and interesting MLB season thus far. Anyone chuckling at the fact that Bonds cannot seem to […]

Pickin’ Splinters

From yesterday’s dugout discussion: Professional baseball in Rochester dates back to 1877 “when a team sponsored by the Rochester Baseball Association joined the International Association.” (pg. 6 Silver Seasons – Mandelaro & Pitoniak). Other teams in the league included Syracuse, Toronto, Buffalo…the usual suspects. The International League dates back to 1885. Rochester had a team […]

Jr. Rhinos Finish On A High Note

If the old saying is true: “All’s well that ends well,” then Rene Tadal’s U17 Rochester Jr. Rhinos erased all the misery of their 2007 Upstate New York Premier League season. Buoyed by the momentum of their recent success North-of-the-Border the Rhinos finished the season with a victory – Eh! Amanda ‘Put Some Espresso in […]

Jr. Rhinos Travel North-Of-The-Border

With Kasey Welch and Kristin Blair controlling the middle of the field, and Amanda Coffey converting on the offensive end, the U17 Jr. Rhinos earned a hard-fought trip to the finals of The Toronto Cup. The tournament helped heal the wounds endured while playing in the rugged Upstate Premier League and brought a smile back […]