Stat of the day: Scoring Offense

Continuing our glance at statistics and how they may play out come March – today we look at offense. How many points a team scores per game, and how that number contributes to overall success. Here’s the most recent top ten.

Spring Training … in pads

Not only are your favorite baseball teams working out in Arizona or Florida getting ready for the season, but your favorite college football team is probably also getting ready to begin their own version of Spring Training.   Probably not much of a secret, my favorite CFB team is Notre Dame (a very “mixed blessing” for […]

Perusing the stats: Rebounding Margin

March is not far away. Now is the time to take a longer look at numbers and how they will have a bearing come tournament time. Today’s stat is rebound margin. Taken on a game by game basis this number represents how many rebounds a team gets versus their opponent.

Bubble Mania

As I see it, there are three levels to the bubble. Here are the teams in the Big East who still have hopes of “dancing” but still have work to do, some more than others.

Tuesdays with Smitty: A recruiting trip like no other.

It was Saturday night – Valentine’s Day – one of the “quieter” nights of the year if you are single. Well I was home hanging with the loyal cat – Beckett, enjoying a bottle of Francis Coppola 2006 Black Label Claret, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Shoeless Joe Jackson. THE Shoeless Joe Jackson was at my door. Of course I had to rub my eyes and do a double take. But that is when former White Sox great spoke up:

February Frenzy in the Big Ten

With the Big Ten basketball season closing the final stretch, eight teams are fighting for their lives to clinch that ever important berth into the NCAA Tournament. With Michigan State, Purude, Minnesota and Illinois locks, there are four teams that have a lot of work to do to make sure they remain in the hunt. […]

Dear Casey

Thanks for nominating me for first team All-Casey. That really means a lot. We’re always checking to see who made the cut. I gotta admit it’s kinda funny seeing the look of disappointment in the eyes of Danny and Wayne when they find their name is not on the list. It’s good for the Heels though ’cause it keeps them hungry.

Performance of the Week (2/9 – 2/15)

Have you seen a great sports performance this week – maybe on the national level or the local level? Was it a feat of athletic prowess, an incredible accomplishment, or an ultimate act of sportsmanship? Here’s the place to note that performance.

Tell Me Again Why UCLA Is In The Top 20

Ben Howland has been leading the denizens of Pauley Pavilion to the Final Four the last three years. Only eight other schools have made the Elite Eight multiple times in the past five years (UNC, Memphis, Florida, Xavier, Louisville, Kansas, Texas, and UConn). It seemed only logical that the Bruins would grab one of the top spots – at least coming out of the gate.