Big East Good for Irish Football, Too?

I’m gonna re-open an old bottle of beer here. It’s been talked about before, usually while ND football is hitting the depths of its existence … like after Ty’s 3rd season and right now during the embarrassing Weis Era. The simple question is this: Should Notre Dame football join the rest of Fighting Irish sports […]

Tale of the tape: Duke and Xavier

Setting: Saturday, 2:00 pm at the Izod Center – or the Arena formerly known as Byrne Arena or formerly known as the Meadowlands. Conflict : Duke vs. Xavier Plot: Duke (9-1) comes into the game ranked 6th in the AP and Coaches Polls. Xavier (9-0) enters the contest ranked 7th in both polls. Sub-Plots: The […]

Challenge 2 – Medal Stand

Many thanks to our participants.  Yes, this time around the Challenge was not for the faint of heart. Drum roll please: Gold Medal – Chas Silver Medal – Crossword Pete Bronze Medal – Doug Potter

Challenge 2 – Who am I?

Comments are shut off until tomorrow. Please number your answers. And awaaaaaaay we go!!!!!! <!1. I never minded living in the shadow of my older brother. I enjoyed making all those left hand turns on the ovals. What many don’t know is that I also won a NCAA championship for cross-country skiing. In fact my […]

Prelude to Challenge 2

Time is drawing near for WAI Challenge 2.  Who will be crowned champion? Last time the gold medal time was 14:00 – wow that is some incredible focus.  The silver medal was earned in 20:00 – still very impressive.  And the bronze took 27:00 – not shabby at all. What will it take this time? […]

Big Bad Big East

What a better time to start writing about Big East Basketball than right now? At the beginning of the week the best conference in college basketball had seven teams in the Top 15 to go along with UConn and Pittsburgh coming in at two and three respectively. After seeing Marquette lose to a streaky Tennessee […]

Round One – Pickin’ Splinters National Chan’ship

Here you go gents.  Make your picks.  As always substantiating your choices at length is encouraged.  Higher seeds earned home field advantage for the first round.  We go to neutral sites next weekend. Game 1 – #16 Troy at #1 Florida Game 2 – #15 Buffalo at #2 Oklahoma Game 3 – #14 Virginia Tech […]