Notre Dame Football: Pre-Kick Predictions

We’re less than 2 weeks away from the 2010 college football season kick-off, and the Irish start the season by taking on Purdue Sept 4 at Notre Dame Stadium. So of course ND fans everywhere are engaging each other in the annual August ritual of voicing either expectations or “hopes” for the upcoming season. And as usual, has run their annual “probability poll” in which thousands of Irish followers take 10 minutes to assess ND’s chances of winning each game on the schedule as a % likelihood of winning.

NFL Season Preview: NFC East

­The teams I pick to win these Division Predictions are the teams I feel have a better chance of making the playoffs, not the teams I personally like. That’s why it hurts me to make this year’s NFC East prediction. This will be the first season in a long time I’m unable to pick Philadelphia as an outright winner, mainly because of the uncertainty of the Kolb era.

Nidiffer making good on his chances

Nidiffer making good on his chances

Nidiffer’s early professional accomplishments should come as no surprise. He hit .312 in 48 games for the Wildcats this past season with 10 round trippers and 32 RBI including a walk-off grand slam in his final home at-bat.

10 games and the national title

Shhhhhh….did you hear that? Tick, tock, tick, tock…The time is drawing near. College pigskin kicks off on Thursday, September 2nd with 18 games including openers for Ohio State, Miami, Pittsburgh and even Lane Kiffin’s folly. There is no playoff, so, as the talking heads say: EVERY GAME MATTERS. Here are a few games that might matter more than others.

Who Am I? | 8/18/10

You could call me gas and electric because I was all about utility. Shoot, about the only positions I did NOT play were the battery. I broke in at short. Then came along some young star.

Deuel takes it all in stride

Deuel takes it all in stride

Earlier, Deuel loaned his cleats when a teammate discovered one of his spikes missing. When another teammate broke his belt while making a diving stop, Deuel didn’t think twice. He reached in his bag and gave without needing to be asked twice. His pants were gone from the beginning of the game when a mis-communication left a teammate with the wrong pair.