Meet Mr. Flynn, The “Lottery Man”

The purpose of college for High School teens post graduation is intended to prepare them for the grind and rigors of everyday life. Some are still searching for their niche, while others have a good idea what they want to do and college will help them get there. For a lot of NBA-bound basketball players all college does is serve as a nuisance and prolong their arrival to “The League.”

Get to Know “Hash”

  by Doug Potter Big, manly, giant, defensive monster, shot-blocking machine, human eraser. Those are some of the adjectives many people choose to describe the seven-foot-three 263 pound center for the University of Connecticut Huskies, and rightfully so. Let’s take a look, however, at Hasheem Thabeet Manka on a deeper level. The 22 year old […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Main Event!

Last week allowed us to recall why we take off work, call in sick, and often refer to this upcoming weekend as “The best weekend in sports.” The madness is one of the most hyped sporting events year in and year out and somehow never disappoints.

Crazy Time!

If you turn on your TV and flip to your favorite show, you could watch a thriller, a sad depressing episode, a surprising bone-chiller, or an ugly display of skill on any given night. The same can be said for any Big East game this year. The conference is like a TV station and has a potpourri of effects on its audience.

Big East Oscar Awards

The Big East, much like the rest of college basketball, certainly has its share of head-scratching games, game-changing performances, and wonderful coaching. No matter what the conference always gives us topics to talk about. Whether it’s a big upcoming game, utterly disappointing teams, or how solid it is from one through ten (sorry Georgetown, you’re just not NCAA Tourney material coughNITcough), we always find something intriguing about this now all of a sudden top-heavy conference.

Bubble Mania

As I see it, there are three levels to the bubble. Here are the teams in the Big East who still have hopes of “dancing” but still have work to do, some more than others.

Down The Stretch

There have been disappointing teams (Georgetown and Notre Dame) as well as the surprising teams (Providence and Cincinnati) but anything can happen in the 16-team Big East Tournament, which is now only 26 days away.

Say What?!

Does anyone know what takes place less than six weeks from now in the world of the Big East conference? Anyone? Bueller… Bueller… The Big East Tournament! On Tuesday March 10th, 2009, sixteen, yes sixteen teams will begin their journey towards earning an automatic bid into “The Dance,” the 2009 NCAA Tournament. Teams finishing 9-16 will play in the first round while teams 5-8 get a bye to the second round. Teams 1-4?… They already have their tickets punched for the quarterfinals.

Big East Home Cookin’

Men’s College Basketball is very different than the NBA, we know that. But why? We can throw away the obvious answers; age, experience, skill level, and the abundance of hefty salaries left and right. Why then do people enjoy watching the college kids shoot the rock more than the superstars in the NBA if the NBA has bigger, faster, older, more skilled guys playing the game we all love for a living? One reason: The Fans.