Sorting Through the Pre-Conference Play of NCAA Mens’ Hoops

Aside from a predictable 2007 Final Four (#1 seed Florida, #1 seed Ohio State, #2UCLA, and #2 seed Georgetown) it can be a tad difficult gauging the men’s hoops’ terrain. This season’s pre-conference schedule is contributing to that dilemma. Sure we have the usual suspects at the top: UNC, Memphis, Kansas, Georgetown, and Texas to […]

It’s Always Best To Let A Sleeping Giant Lie

Was it a case of you never wake a sleeping giant, or you never give your opponent bulletin board material? Whatever the lesson, the Pittsburgh Steelers got a crash course in it. Making said ‘guarantee’ made as much sense as kicking to Devin Hester. If there is a next time, maybe the Steeler D should […]

Chan’ship Plans in the Works!

The clock is clicking. The Clipboard National Chan’ship Tournament is less than a week away. Contacts have been made with the various game sites and media outlets. Wanted to let everyone know what’s going on. These details could affect choices made in the coming weeks. ESPN will cover two of the first-round games. Chris Fowler […]

Clipboard National Chan’ship

Perplexed by the state of Division 1A College Football? Frustrated by the choices for the national title game? Here’s your chance to voice your opinions. Starting on Saturday, December 15th and running through Saturday, January 5th the Clipboard will hold its first ever National Chan’ship. And you the readers decide the outcome. Between now and […]

Southworth to the Hall

The Veterans’ Committee announced their 2008 Hall-Of-Fame Induction Class: Bowie Kuhn, Walter O’Malley, Dick Williams, Barney Dreyfuss, and Billy Southworth. Before managing the St. Louis Cardinals Southworth spent seven summers at 500 Norton St. leading the Rochester Red Wings. His teams won five pennants and one Governor’s Cup. Southworth joins Red Schoendienst, George Sisler, Johnny […]

Bowling Anyone?

With Hawaii’s victory over Washington the NCAA draws the curtain on its 2007 regular season and leaves us all in a state of suspense that may never truly reach resolution. Last week’s disorder pales in comparison to this week’s chaos that can be best summed up with the joke: How many #2s does it take […]

Gotta Come Clean

Thanks to the nephew I got a chance to see the first half of the ‘Pokes – Packers game (How can Time-Warner rationalize making the NFL Network a premium channel?). I’m lovin’ the Favre revival – he is still my favorite player in the league. Something strange happened along the way: I have started to […]

Your HOF Ballot

Ballots went out earlier this week for enshrinement into the 2008 Cooperstown class. Tim Raines and David Justice head the list of first-timers. Brady Anderson, Rod Beck, Shawon Dunston, Steve Finley, Travis Fryman, Chuck Knoblauch, Rob Nenn, Jose Rijo, and Todd Stottlemyre also appear for the first time. Mark McGwire, Rich Gossage, and Jim Rice […]

Degrees of Disorder

As one college sport nears its post-season, and another makes its way through the pre-conference schedule, it is only natural to expect a little disorder. Add in a little professional stuff and the result bears the resemblance of chaos. Early season hoops tourneys and non-conference games certainly whet the appetite of many an eager fan. […]

Ineptitude Bowl et al

Fe! Fi! Fo! Fum! I smelled the blood of…a steak sandwich at the Knights of Columbus. Ah yes, the family made yet another trip west to South Bend for a college football matchup. Dare I say this event is taking on an annual nature. Don’t know what I have done right to receive these blessings, […]