All I Ever Needed To Know, I Learned From Sports

Life is full of its little lessons. A look at recent events in the sports’ world only reinforces many of these rules of thumb. Take for instance the old adage: “cheaters never prosper.” That works with sports. Errr….maybe that’s not such a good example when considering Kelvin Sampson didn’t exactly follow the rules, and he […]

I was…when…(Group Participation)

This weekend marks another anniversary of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. It is hard to fathom that almost three decades have passed since the ‘Miracle on Ice’ occurred. Twenty-eight years ago a bunch of college kids pulled off arguably the greatest upset in sports history. To understand the magnitude of that event one […]

NCAA Hoops: Crunching the Numbers

Time is ticking on the NCAA Men’s Hoops season – conference tournaments are set to begin in the next two weeks, leading to Selection Sunday, March 16th, and the Sweet Sixteen determined a week later. Enough time has passed where teams have shown their strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and what they avoid. Statistics can reveal trends […]

NCAA Hoops: Top Shooting Guards

There are guys who make shots, and then there are shooters. Players who the opposition have to account for. In the half-court set these guys distort defenses – top defenders grab the assignment in the man-to-man, and zones shade to their side. Enter the shooting guards. Steve Curry -Sophomore/Davidson – 25.8 ppg / FG 49% […]

Beilein’s Basketball Odyssey

By Paul Gotham It should have come as no surprise to see John Beilein in a basketball gymnasium Friday night. Beilein after all has been coaching hoops now for over thirty years. It’s just that the gym was Henninger High in Syracuse, New York, and Beilein now presides over the basketball program at the University […]

Wisdom from Aisle 15b

I have come to enjoy Sunday mornings. Guess I always have enjoyed the tranquility offered by the first day of the week. As a youth Sunday morning meant that one time of the week I would not be pressed into service around the house for some menial task. During my college years I have vivid […]

Time For A Break

With the All-Star break upon us anyone else a tad nervous about the NBA stars carousing the streets of N’Awlins this weekend? After the professionals hoopsters dispelled the theory that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, one can only shudder about the happenings on Bourbon Street over the next seventy-two hours. At least the […]

Hoosier Shenanigans

In the year 2000 Bobby Knight was fired as head coach at Indiana University. Over twenty-nine seasons Knight amassed an unparalleled resume including three national titles and the last unbeaten season in D1 history. During his tenure Knight also ran a squeaky clean program which incurred zero recruiting violations. He was fired for his inability […]

Rating the Point Guards

With March just a couple of weeks away time to start sorting out who are the best teams on the college hoops landscape. One indicator of team play is point guard play. Here’s my top five point guards in the country. DJ Augustin Texas – Sophomore – 19.3ppg 5.8apg 2.7tpg 1.3spg Does what his team […]