Monroe County Division II Football: Johnston named Player of the Year

Canandaigua senior quarterback Jack Johnston led the Braves to a perfect regular season and a spot in the Class A semifinals to earn Division II player of the year. (PHOTO: Kristin Williams)


The Canandaigua Braves trotted out an explosive offense all season.

Starting with their quarterback and skill positions, they rolled through the first eight games of the season unscathed before losing in the Class A semifinals to Victor. As a result, the Braves placed seven players — all on offense — on Division II’s first team, led by quarterback Jack Johnston who was named the division’s Player of the Year.  Six of those players were two-way players.

“This group of players was a pleasure to coach,” Canandaigua coach Jeff Welch said. “It’s not often in a coaching career you come across a group of kids like this: they had talent, played together, performed and had outstanding execution. Coming into the season we knew we had a good team, but we had questions up front, but they came together and we were successful.”

In all, 33 players were named to the first team, 13 of which were two-way players.

Johnston was joined on the team by Seth Vigneri (RB/LB), Mitch Pfeiffer (WR/DB), John DiSalvo (WR/DB), Matt Vierhile (WR/LB).  Tyler Goode (WR/LB) and Dalton Boylan (OL/DL)

Victor had seven players named to the first, including Sam Castiglia who was named as both the kicker and the punter. The Blue Devils’ thunder and lighting running back duo of Joey Pezzimenti (RB/DB) and Rushawn Baker (RB/DB) joined fellow Victor gridders Justin Bai-Rossi (OL/DL), AJ Tillotson (DE), Camden Hay (LB/RB) and Sutton Boland (LB/RB) on the first team.

Webster Schroeder first-teamers were dominated on the defensive side of the ball, as Giacomo Lo Re (DT), JP McCarten (DT/DE), Travis Dear (LB) and Luke Lupisella (S) joined Ryan Bellavia (QB) to represent the Warriors.

Webster Thomas and Gates Chili each placed four players. For Gates, it was Nathaniel Ribis (OL), Isaiah Parker (LB), Legend Brown (LB) and Traylan McCray (DB); while Collin Hill (WR), Anthony Oca (OL), Ethan Harold (LB), Joe Meyers (DB) made it for the Titans.

Dynamic quarterback A’Lon Jenkins placed for Greece Olympia, as did Spartans Scottie Parr (WR), and Makyle Murdock (OLB).

Churchville-Chili’s interior linemen Will Zimmerman (OL/DL) and Nasiere Tisdale (DE) were also named.

Sophomores Baker and Parr were the only underclassmen to make the list.

1 Canandaigua 5-0
2 Victor 4-1
3 Webster Schroeder 3-2
4 Webster Thomas 2-2
5 Gates-Chili 1-3
6 Olympia 1-3
7 Churchville-Chili 0-5


Player of the Year School
Jack Johnston Canandaigua
Coach of the Year School
Jeff Welch Canandaigua


First Team School GR Pos
Jack Johnston Canandaigua 12 QB
Ryan Bellavia Webster Schroeder 12 QB
A’Lon Jenkins Olympia/Odyssey 12 QB
Joey Pezzimenti Victor 11 RB/DB
Rushawn Baker Victor 10 RB/DB
Seth Vigneri Canandaigua 11 RB/LB
Collin Hill Webster Thomas 12 WR
Scottie Parr Olympia/Odyssey 10 WR
Mitch Pfeiffer Canandaigua 12 WR/DB
John DiSalvo Canandaigua 12 WR/DB
Matt Vierhile Canandaigua 11 WR/LB
Tyler Goode Canandaigua 12 WR/LB
Anthony Oca Webster Thomas 12 OL
Nathaniel Ribis Gates-Chili 11 OL
Dalton Boylan Canandaigua 11 OL/DL
Justin Bai-Rossi Victor 12 OL/DL
Will Zimmerman Churchville-Chili 12 OL/DL
AJ Tillotson Victor 12 DE
Nasiere Tisdale Churchville-Chili 12 DE
Giacomo Lo Re Webster Schroeder 12 DT
JP McCarten Webster Schroeder 12 DT/DE
Travis Dear Webster Schroeder 11 LB
Ethan Harold Webster Thomas 12 LB
Isaiah Parker Gates-Chili 12 LB
Legend Brown Gates-Chili 12 LB
Camden Hay Victor 11 LB/RB
Sutton Boland Victor 12 LB/RB
Makyle Murdock Olympia/Odyssey 11 OLB
Joe Meyers Webster Thomas 12 DB
Traylan McCray Gates-Chili 12 DB
Luke Lupisella Webster Schroeder 12 S
Sam Castiglia Victor 11 K
Sam Castiglia Victor 11 P


Second Team School GR Pos
Tyler Langley Webster Thomas 11 RB
Marcus McFadden Gates-Chili 12 RB
Travon Harper Olympia/Odyssey 12 RB
Brendon Shay Canandaigua 12 RB/DB
Jake Dreisbach Canandaigua 12 RB/LB
Ethan Fame Webster Schroeder 11 WR
Casey Herod Canandaigua 11 WR/DB
JC Clifford Canandaigua 11 TE/DL
Todd Everts Canandaigua 12 TE/DL
Nate DeRue Canandaigua 12 OL/DL
Liam Outhouse Canandaigua 12 OL/DL
Sam Castiglia Victor 11 OL/DL
CJ Williams Victor 12 OL/DL
Jon Crowley Victor 12 DE/OL
Jake Cole-Allen Victor 12 DE/TE
Michael Cody Gates-Chili 12 DL
Nathaniel Ribis Gates-Chili 11 DL
Michael Bowman Victor 11 DL/OL
Austin Riesenberger Webster Schroeder 11 DT/DE
Anthony Grimshaw Webster Schroeder 12 LB
Thomas Harding Webster Schroeder 12 LB
Bradon Detro Webster Thomas 12 LB
Corey Bright Olympia/Odyssey 11 LB
Mike Matteson Olympia/Odyssey 11 LB
Rickey Allen Churchville-Chili 12 LB
Dylan Herman Churchville-Chili 12 LB
Cal Lambert Victor 10 LB/OL
Tyron Harrell Webster Schroeder 11 CB
Teagan McKane Webster Thomas 12 DB
Tristan Altobelli Webster Thomas 11 DB
Blake Palozzi Gates-Chili 11 DB

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