Finger Lakes West Football: Youngs, Cole top All-League roster


Mynderse Academy depended on a punishing ground game to win the Finger Lakes West title while the 2018 re-emergence of the Dundee Scots was rooted in its defense.

Which is why the recently released Finger Lakes West (FLW) All-League top honors go to players at the center of each team’s success.

Mynderse senior running back Trent Youngs was named FLW Offensive Player of the Year while Dundee senior linebacker Preston Cole was named Defensive Player of the Year.

Mynderse coach Joseph Caraher was voted by his peers as the Coach of the Year.

Dundee, Mynderse, Red Jacket, South Seneca/Romulus/Trumansburg (also known as Tri-Towns) each placed five players on first team, while Lyons produced four and Clyde-Savannah one player each.

Youngs and Cole were so dominant in the league, that they made both the offensive and defensive first teams. Youngs doubled-up with nod at linebacker and Cole earned honors at offensive tackle.

As most the teams in the league are Class D, many players are tasked with playing on both sides of the ball and a number impressed their opponents to be named to multiple teams in multiple positions.

Mynderse Academy’s Darren Miller owned the distinction of being named three times, once for each phase of the game, as a first-team tight end and linebacker and second-team punter.

Five players were named to the first and second team, respectively, for contributions both on offense and on defense:

  • Trenton Coyne (Jr. OG/DL, Red Jacket)
  • Seth Denmark (Sr. DL/OG, South Seneca/Romulus/Trumansburg)
  • Cameron Denmark (Sr. OG/K, Dundee)
  • Camden Chance (So. DB/QB, Clyde-Savannah)
  • Dylan Larizza (So. DB/WR, Mynderse)

Sal Franzone (So. OG/DL, Mynderse) made second team at his two positions.

In all, 24 slots were filled on the first team and another 25 on the second team.

For a complete list of award winners, see below.

Finger Lakes West Final Standings Div
1 Mynderse Academy 4-1
2 Dundee 3-2
3 Red Jacket 3-2
4 Lyons 3-2
5 Clyde-Savannah 2-3
6 South Seneca/Romulus/Trumansburg 0-5


Offensive Player of the Year School
Trent Youngs Mynderse
Defensive Player of the Year School
Preston Cole Dundee
Coach of the Year School
Joseph Caraher Mynderse


First Team School GR Pos
David Weaver Lyons 12 QB
Ahmir James Lyons 10 RB
Trent Youngs Mynderse 12 RB
Chase Rizzo Red Jacket 11 WR
Aaron Romero Lyons 12 WR
Darren Miller Mynderse 12 TE
Leif Hoyt Dundee 12 C
Trenton Coyne Red Jacket 11 OG
Cameron Denmark Dundee 12 OG
Preston Cole Dundee 12 OT
Adam Terrore Red Jacket 12 OT
Seth Denmark SS/Rom/Trum 12 DL
Joseph Dillon Dundee 12 DL
Hunter Fitzpatrick Red Jacket 11 DE
Aden Vancleef  SS/Rom/Trum 12 DE
Keagan Carmenetty  SS/Rom/Trum 12 LB
Preston Cole Dundee 12 LB
Darren Miller Mynderse 12 LB
Trent Youngs Mynderse 12 LB
Adam Borst Red Jacket 11 DB
Camden Chance Clyde-Savannah 10 DB
Dylan Larizza Mynderse 10 DB
Josiah Prosser  SS/Rom/Trum 12 DB
Andrew Norris Lyons 12 K
Danny Reyes  SS/Rom/Trum 11 P


Second Team School GR Pos
Camden Chance Clyde-Savannah 10 QB
Joshua Cramer Dundee 11 RB
Matt Kenyon  SS/Rom/Trum 11 RB
Dylan Larizza Mynderse 10 WR
Jaden McKinney Clyde-Savannah 10 WR
Austin Gibson Dundee 12 TE
Mason Major Mynderse 12 C
Seth Denmark SS/Rom/Trum 12 OG
Sal Franzone Mynderse 12 OG
Gianni Hall Mynderse 12 OT
Quinton Mundell  SS/Rom/Trum 12 OT
Steve Hughes Lyons 12 DB
Jared King Mynderse 10 DB
Brian Kreidler Dundee 12 DB
Trenton Coyne Red Jacket 11 DL
Damon Fletcher Mynderse 12 DE
Sal Franzone Mynderse 12 DL
Kerel Kelley Lyons 12 DE
Jake Anderson Red Jacket 11 LB
Brandon Baker Clyde-Savannah 11 LB
Seth Gerlock Red Jacket 12 LB
Anthony Keith Lyons 12 LB
Cameron Denmark Dundee 12 K
Darren Miller Mynderse 12 P


Honorable Mention

  • Clyde-Savannah: Noah Rattray (RB), Tanner Brown (C), Cody Smith (DB), Isaiah Lorrena  (DL)
  • Dundee: Justin Wood (DB), Preston Cratsley (QB), Logan Corey (LB), Austin Brace (RB), Kenneth Empson Jr. (RB), Tate Hoyt (OT), Hunter Olevnik (DL), Isaac Semans (DE)
  • Lyons: Ryan Bantel (DE), Mike Lavancha (DL), Jerell Petty (DB), Seth DeJesus (DL), Ethan Gould (DL), Xavier Reeves (LB), Cole Buisch (DE),
  • Mynderse: Kaleb Stenquist (QB), Jared King (WR), Thomas Santana (RB), Chris Cratsley (OL), Noah Howard (OL), Jose Medina (DB)
  • Red Jacket: Kyle Footer (C), John Scharf (LB), Adam Tripplett (OL), Eli Royston (DB), Logan Keifer (LB), Matt Record (QB)
  •  South Seneca/Romulus/Trumansburg: Quinton Mundell (DL), Ryan Bendict (DE), Don Kuehn (C), Noah Potenza  (DB), Josiah Prosser (RB), Nolan Ladd (DB)

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