Murphy, Wegender, Wall, Allen and Rennoldson receive Monroe County top honors

Leah Wengender (28 goals, 18 assists) shared Monroe County Division II Player of the Year honors with teammate Olivia Wall. (Photo: CHRISTOPHER CECERE)

Penfield’s Grace Murphy, Spencerport’s Leah Wegender and Olivia Wall, Pittsford Sutherland’s Grace Allen and Honeoye Falls-Lima’s Izzy Rennoldson all excelled in the 2018 season. For their level of play, each received Player of the Year honors as voted upon by the Monroe County girls’ soccer coaches.  

Murphy scored four goals and dished out six assists for the Patriots (12-4-2). The midfielder achieved First Team honors for the first time this year, collecting 14 points overall, leading Penfield to the Division I crown and the Class AA sectional finals.  

Multiple Patriots joined Murphy on the Division I First Team including Rebecca Rolland (forward; ten goals, seven assists), Molly Sauter (defender) and Nikki Barlow (midfielder). Webster Schroder’s Angel Bennet (168 saves, 0.837 goals-against average), Anna Hewlett (midfielder/forward; 14 goals, six assists) and sophomore Ashley Jacobs (midfielder/forward; three goals, six assists) garnered first team nods. Olivia Damico (midfielder; 13 goals, three assists) and Lexi Perry (midfielder/forward; nine goals, four assists) represented Victor on the first team, joined by Fairport’s Kenzie Tarmino (defense; five goals, two assists) and Allison Donovan (midfielder/forward; four goals, four assists), as well as Hilton’s Megan Letta (midfielder/forward; six goals, five assists) and Katherine Annable (defender/midfielder; four goals, one assist). Rush Henrietta’s Madelyn George (midfielder/forward; 15 goals, four assists) rounded out the Division I honors.

Wengender created the offense (forward; 28 goals, 18 assists) and Olivia Wall led the defense (defender/midfielder; one assist) for Spencerport (18-1-1) in another dominant season. Both seniors share Division II player of the year honors in spearheading an unbeaten regular season.

Cat Wall (goalkeeper/midfielder; 89 saves, 0.45 goals-against average, one assist) joins her sister along with Erin Coykendall (forward; 15 goals, 14 assists) as the representatives for the Rangers on the first team.

Churchville-Chili’s Brynne Parkman (goalkeeper; 124 saves, 1.57 goals-against average), Hannah Shipley (forward; four goals, four assists) and Angelica Reina (defender/midfielder; one goal, one assist) all nabbed first team honors. Gates-Chili’s Maya Charcholla (defender) and Ashley McCullough (defender; three assists) joined the first team backfield. Nina Doyle (defender/midfielder; five goals, one assist) and Talia deFay (midfielder; one goal, one assist) represented Irondequoit along with Webster Thomas’s Aylssa Ogi (defender/midfielder; three goals) and Sara Tomei (midfielder/defender; seven goals, six assists) on the first team. Canandaigua Brave Maddie Green (goalkeeper; 189 saves, 3.30 goals-against average) rounded out the selection.


Pittsford Sutherland (14-3-2) capped the season with a Division III title behind the play of all four of their first team members, which includes player of the year recipient Allen (midfielder/forward; 13 goals, ten assists). Megan Hanna (defender; three goals), Sarah Dunnigan (defender; four goals, four assists) and Fiona Wilmot (midfielder/forward; six goals, eight assists) complete the Knight’s Division III first team members.

Three Greece Athena players made the first team. Jisela Dall (midfielder/forward; five goals, six assists), Sadie Coachmen (goalkeeper; 212 saves, 1.01 goals-against average) and Waniya Hudson (midfielder/forward; 19 goals, four assists) represented the Trojans. Pittsford Mendon, Brockport and Brighton players earned two sports apiece; Grace O’Hara (midfielder/forward; 15 goals, six assists) and Hannah Sertl (midfielder/forward; four goals, one assist) for the Vikings; Emily Parker (forward; 17 goals, six assists) and Jordyn Bombay (defender) for the Blue Devils; Julie Frischmann (forward; 11 goals, one assist) and freshman Amelia Adiutori (midfielder; six goals, three assists) for the Barons. StevieLyn Diggory (defender; three goals) rounded out the selection for the Division III first team.

Despite the tough season, Rennoldson came to play every day for Honeoye Falls-Lima (4-10-2). She netted three goals and secured a team-leading two assists for the Cougars to garner player of the year honors for Division IV.

Teammates Mari Spitz (goalkeeper; 114 saves, 2.04 goals-against average) and Paige Brent (midfielder) joined Ronaldson on the Division IV first team. Four members of title-winners Greece Odyssey got tabbed for top team honors. Emilee Festa (midfielder; nine goals, eight assists), Abby Wilson (defender/forward; seven goals, four assists), Katie Bianchi (defender/midfielder; one goal, four assists) and freshman Sienna Tyo (midfielder/forward; nine goals, one assist) all represented the Leopards. Batavia’s Katie Moore (forward; 20 goals, four assists) and Jenae Colkey (goalkeeper; 160 saves, 1.65 goals-against average), along with Eastridge’s Samantha Stewart (defender/midfielder; two goals, one assist) and Sierra Manning (forward; 11 goals, two assists) plus Greece Olympia’s Grace Collins (midfielder/forward; eight goals, six assists) finish off the Division IV First Team.


First Team All-County Division I
Player Name School Position Grade
Angel Bennet Webster Schroeder GK 12
Anna Hewlett Webster Schroeder MF/F 11
Ashley Jacobs Webster Schroeder MF/F 10
Olivia Damico Victor MF 11
Lexi Perry Victor MF/F 12
Kenzie Tarmino Fairport D 12
Allison Donovan Fairport MF/F 12
Madelyn George Rush Henrietta MF/F 12
Grace Murphy Penfield MF 11
Rebecca Rolland Penfield F 11
Molly Sauter Penfield D 12
Nicki Barlow Penfield MF 12
Megan Letta Hilton MF/F 12
Katherine Annable Hilton D/M 12
Second Team All-County Division I
Player Name School Position Grade
Sidney Smith Webster Schroeder D 10
Emma Leonardo Webster Schroeder MF 10
Lindsey Rieger Webster Schroeder D 11
Lillian Hicks Fairport D 10
Olivia Bossarte Fairport D 12
Madeline Horst Rush Henrietta D 12
Rachel Crane Rush Henrietta MF/F 12
Victoria Sabel Penfield MF/F 11
Rylie Hayes Penfield GK 12
Caroline Bell Penfield MF/F 12
Victoria Bisciotti Hilton MF/F 12
Taylor Eccleston Hilton MF 12
Sam White Victor MF/F 12
Taylor Ashe Victor MF 11
Division Winner
Co-Coach of the Year
Kent Brown, Webster Schroeder;

Libby Tobin, Penfield

Sportsmanship Award
Rush Henrietta
Player of the Year
Grace Murphy
First Team All-County Division II
Player Name School Position Grade
Maddie Green Canandaigua GK 12
Aylssa Ogi Webster Thomas D/MF 10
Sara Tomei Webster Thomas MF/F 12
Leah Wengender Spencerport F 12
Erin Coykendall Spencerport F 12
Oliva Wall Spencerport D/MF 12
Cat Wall Spencerport GK/MF 11
Maya Charcholla Gates-Chili D 12
Ashley McCullough Gates-Chili D 11
Nina Doyle Irondequoit D/MF 12
Talia deFay Irondequoit MF 12
Brynne Parkman Churchville-Chili GK 12
Hannah Shipley Churchville-Chili F 10
Angelica Reina Churchville-Chili D/M 11
Second Team All-County Division II
Player Name School Position Grade
Bella Schorr Canandaigua D 11
Jenna Tenney Canandaigua D 12
Paige Boulter Webster Thomas MF 10
Annika Monfort Webster Thomas MF 10
Maddy Tartaora Spencerport MF 11
Maddy Brongo Spencerport D 12
Sabrina Trapani Spencerport D 12
Natalie Dillon Gates-Chili MF 12
Danielle Gatto Gates-Chili D 12
Lilli Hebblethwaite Irondequoit D 12
Sophie Eckert Irondequoit D 12
Mya Mahon Churchville-Chili MF 10
Cassady Faker Churchville-Chili MF 12
Skylar Donohue Churchville-Chili D 12
Division Winner


Coach of the Year
Jamie Schneider, Spencerport
Sportsmanship Award
Co-Player of the Year
Leah Wengender

Olivia Wall

First Team All-County Division III
Player Name School Position Grade
Jisela Dall Greece Athena MF/F 12
Sadie Coachman Greece Athena GK 12
Waniya Hudson Greece Athena MF/F 12
Grace O’Hara Pittsford Mendon MF/F 10
Hannah Sertl Pittsford Mendon MF/F 12
Grace Allen Pittsford Sutherland MF/F 11
Megan Hanna Pittsford Sutherland D 12
Sarah Dunnigan Pittsford Sutherland D 12
Fiona Wilmot Pittsford Sutherland MF/F 11
StevieLyn Diggory Greece Arcadia D 12
Emily Parker Brockport F 11
Jordyn Bombay Brockport D 12
Juliette Frischmann Brighton F 11
Amelia Adiutori Brighton MF 9
Second Team All-County Division III
Player Name School Position Grade
Skyler Whipple Greece Athena D/MF 12
Allison LaFranca Greece Athena D/MF 12
Jade Talone Greece Athena MF 11
Lisa Abe Pittsford Mendon MF/F 12
Addie Bryson Pittsford Mendon D 11
Leana Brown Pittsford Sutherland GK 12
Laura Bennett Pittsford Sutherland D/MF 9
Ashley Finkbeiner Pittsford Sutherland MF 10
Jordan Goeddertz Greece Arcadia D 12
Bryn Hayes Brockport MF/F 12
Doralis Allen Brockport GK 12
Kayla Machonkin Brockport D 11
Meghan Marangola Brighton D 10
Eileen Kelly Brighton MF/F 11
Division Winner


Coach of the Year

Adam Palumbo, Sutherland

Sportsmanship Award


Player of the Year

Grace Allen

First Team All-County Division IV
Player Name School Position Grade
Katie Moore Batavia F 11
Jenae Colkey Batavia GK 12
Emilee Festa Greece Odyssey MF 12
Abby Wilson Greece Odyssey D/F 11
Katie Bianchi Greece Odyssey D/MF 12
Sienna Tyo Greece Odyssey MF/F 9
Izzy Rennoldson HF-L D/MF 12
Mari Spitz HF-L GK 10
Paige Brent HF-L MF 10
Samantha Stewart Eastridge D/MF 12
Sierra Manning Eastridge F 9
Grace Collins Greece Olympia MF/F 11
Second Team All-County D IV
Player Name School Position Grade
Emily Caccamise Batavia F 12
Sophie Beckman Batavia MF 10
Emily Tyo Greece Odyssey D/MF 11
Eden Dewolf Greece Odyssey D/MF 12
Morgan Porach Greece Odyssey D/F 12
Brittany Alexander HF-L D 11
Carli Zollo HF-L MF 11
Rachel VanderVen HF-L D/MF 11
Brooke Fedison Eastridge MF/F 11
Isabella Barbosa Eastridge GK/D 9
Jacey Palmgreen Greece Olympia D 11
Kuditra Derosa Greece Olympia MF/D 9
Division Winner

Greece Odyssey

Coach of the Year

Chrissy Merrill, HF-L

Sportsmanship Award


Player of the Year
Izzy Rennoldson


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  1. Renea Rennoldson   December 3, 2018 at 8:39 am

    Congrats to all. Izzy’s last name is Rennoldson.

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