Who Am I? | July 13, 2011

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By Chas

I was known for being a pretty fine defender at my position, but not quite exceptional enough to ever win a Gold Glove. Or, maybe it’s just that my timing was poor. Two of the guys who beat me out for the award combined for 13 of them in their careers. So, maybe I was just overshadowed.

Speaking of overshadowed, I was a 10-year starter for my primary team, but I was also the backup to two more prominent names during my 20+ year career.

Early in my playing days, I was the backup to a guy whose career ended pretty tragically, although I had already moved on before that happened.

Near the end of my career, I backed up a guy who went on to manage our team’s nearest geographic rival to their first ever World Series championship.

But, like I said, I had a pretty solid career myself. Sure, I was more known for my defense, but it was my offense that garnered me World Series MVP honors. It was one those series where it was tough to pick an MVP, though. My team won rather easily, and I batted close to .400, although I only drove in only two runs.

That was actually the second of three World Series I played in. We lost a heartbreaking 7-game series the first time around, letting a 3-games-to-1 lead slip away in the process. I played in every game of those two series, but in my third trip to the Fall Classic, I played in only two. We won that one rather easily as well, but if not for some first-game heroics that included perhaps the most famous pinch-hit of all-time, who knows how that one would’ve turned out.

I played for six different teams in my 24 years in the bigs, and had aspirations to be a major league manager post-career, but I haven’t quite reached that goal, although I’ve managed at AAA and spent time as a first and third base coach at the major league level. I suppose the dream is not completely dead yet, although last year I was passed over for the job leading the team I played most of my years with. That, in fact, might have been my last chance.

Who Am I?

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