Who Am I? | July 6, 2011

****Remember, try this without research. Release your inner Jim Joyce and show us your stream of consciousness as you decipher the answer. Add to that the teachings of Myagi: patience. If you don’t get the answer right away, give your brain a chance to work if for no other reason than to stay in the discussion. You may not have THE answer, but you might prompt another reader by asking the right question.

You could probably say that I never fully lived up to my potential. I mean, I had a solid career, but maybe not as great as a lot of people thought.

I enjoyed my best years with the team who drafted me, including being a major contributor to the best year in that franchise’s history. We had the best record in baseball, but unfortunately, we have nothing to show for it, and it was through no fault of our own. Seriously, I’m not making excuses.

After that strange season, my team was forced to trade away many of their stars for financial reasons, and I was one of them. Leaving there was probably a blessing, but it would have been nice to bring that team its first taste of World Series glory. After all, given my first name, you might think I was a hometown boy, but I wasn’t. In fact, I was actually traded to my hometown team, and won a World Series with them the following year.

I ended up playing in three consecutive World Series, but the third one was for a different club than the first two. My teams only won that first one, though, but I also played on the losing side in one pretty heartbreaking seven-game series.

Like I said before, I had a pretty decent career: I led the league in stolen bases twice, went to a couple all-star games, won four Gold Gloves (at an up-the-middle position), hit over 200 homers, and accumulated more than 2000 hits, 1000 runs and close to 1000 RBI. But, a lot of folks probably thought I could have been better.

Who Am I?

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