Performance of the week | July 5 – July 11

Spain's team captain Iker Casillas (C) lifts the World Cup trophy after their final match victory over Netherlands, during the award ceremony at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg July 11, 2010. REUTERS/Michael Kooren

By Paul Casey Gotham

It is that time again. Let’s hear from you readers. We had another week of stellar performances. Pick the ONE that stands out to you, and tell us a story.

Spain gets my POTW.

What the World Cup final lacked in style, Spain made up for with the substance. The Spaniards did what they had to do to complete their run to the title. In the semi-final match, Spain toyed with the Germans. For most of the match, Spain possessed the ball in the German end of the pitch. Although Germany had more men behind the ball than Spain had on the television screen, they could not stop Spain from moving the ball. Against the Dutch, Spain had to win a slugfest and they proved themselves capable.

Who gets your POTW?

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