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  1. Muels   August 24, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Question for discussion:
    If there is no professional league in the US for an Olympic sport, do we as a country truly give a hoot about that sport?

    Muels says:
    I say no, unless there is an American who dominates during the games, or at least challenges at a high level. Let’s be honest, how many of us really watched swimming- or were we really watching Michael Phelps while he was swimming? I actually watched Women’s- I mean Girl’s Gymnastics, but not to watch the Romania team or the sport in general…
    I never bothered with Track and Field (which I am probably in the minority) but there was no buzz that got me going ahead of the competition- maybe it is just because I have lost faith in track athletes at the top level getting there without some chemical assistance (our local female pole vaulter being one of the few exceptions)- sorry if that is overly negative.
    Maybe it is just my situation in life, that when I was a kid the rest of the world stopped for two weeks so I could watch the greatest athletes in the world compete, and I could learn something about other areas of the world (brought to us by the late Jim McKay)… It doesn’t carry the same level of importance as it once did- is it just because I am getting old(er), or have the Games themselves lost some of the, is innocence the right word here?

    Another question for the Clipboard:

    How important to the success of the “Redeem Team” is Coach Mike Shashefski?

    In getting the collected NBA superstars to play as a TEAM, I think he has done a great job- but would this team have played this well under the international rules had the US not been embarassed like we have over the last several tournaments and given us a reason to focus on a positive outcome?

    Reaction, please…

  2. Casey   August 24, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    I have had to re-evaluate my Olympic viewing. At one time the Olympics meant an opportunity to catch a glimpse at up and coming amateurs (the ’76 boxing team for example – Sugar Ray Leonard, Howard Davis, Leo Randolph, Michael and Leon Spinks). Now the Olympics can be an exercise in trying to figure out who is motivated – Roger Federer and the Williamses appeared detached at best.

    As a child my world spun on the Olympic axis – it meant two weeks of sports on TV EVERY day. Now we have sports on TV every day of the year. Does that make me jaded? I suppose.

    That being said – I breathed in as much as I could over the last two weeks and only wish I could have seen more (although I would not trade the time spent preparing and taking my daughter to college – Xavier is a magical place – more on that some other time).

    Unfortunately in America the value of something is always equated with $.

    My opinion of Coach K lacks objectivity: the guy is great. Yeah, he had incredible amounts of talent to work with, but so have other coaches who could not get the job done. Krzyzewski and Colangelo chose the right players for the job, and K nurtured an atmosphere of achievement. Judging by the gesture of all the players draping their medals around K and Colangelo, I would think the players recognize the contributions of coach and GM.


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