While in Boston I Heard Cheering For…the Sabres????

This past week the family travelled east to the fine city of Boston. The eldest daughter started her tour of college visits. I am praying that she lands in bean town. How sweet it would be!!

While there the better half and I ventured with the nephew to Canal St. to take in some good eats, libations, good company, great jerseys, and most of all some playoff hockey. Little did I know that I would witness an arresting phenomenon: loud, vocal cheering for the Sabres. Yes, you are reading this correctly. I was in downtown Boston and a vast majority of patrons in the watering hole applauded for the SABRES! Wow! When did the Sabres become a non-regional favorite? I am not complaining. This is great stuff.

They had two NHL games on the televisions: Sabres/ Isles and Rangers/ Thrashers. When the Rangers scored the crowd sprinkled a smattering of cheers. When the Thrashers scored, the patrons rained their disapproval. When the Isles scored, yours truly howled like a lone wolf (of course it only happened once). When the Sabres scored, the place came close to erupting.

While it is wonderful to have the ‘other team’ from the tri-state area back in the playoffs. I will admit to being a little torn for this opening round series. Living in Western New York (the land where a Noreaster can hit in the middle of April) I have watched many Sabres games this year. They are the most entertaining NHL team I have seen since…maybe the late ’80’s Oilers teams. I would love to watch the Sabres make a run to the Cup, but my allegiances clearly fall with the Isles. But Rick DiPietro would need to be the second coming of Ken Dryden for the Islanders to win more than one playoff series.

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