Reason #1 – The Vanderbilt / George Washington game is in the second half. I am getting a live feed of our local news!?!?!?!

Imagine me making a horse sigh.

Reason #2 – A timeout on the floor means an automatic commercial break. Instead of a timeout on the floor equals a switch to another game in progress. This is our country!

Reason #3 – Why is it that when I watch Premier League Soccer I see 50 minutes of continuous action followed by 10 minutes of commercials, but when I watch NCAA hoops I see about seven minutes of action followed by three minutes of commercials?

Reason #4 – Is a family of channels too much to ask?

Reason #5 – Billy Packer and his sycophant, Jim Nantz

Reason #6 – Sleek computer graphics designed to create a smooth segue between games. I’m a sports fan for cryin’ out loud…gimme the action!!!!!

Reason #7 – Is there something wrong with using a split-screen or a picture in a picture?

Reason #8 – 17 point comeback in regulation…how much of it did you see?

Reason #9 – Why did we get an extended introduction to a game not started when other games are still in progress?

One Response to "ThIS IS WHY I HATE CBS!!!!!"

  1. Wally   March 16, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    The Irish gagged again … couldn’t shoot treys (18%) or FTs (31%) and couldn’t get a big defensive stop when they got to within one with a few minutes left, which is a problem that’s plagued them for at least a decade. Give Winthrop credit, but ND is still way TOO SOFT … both mentally and physically … and I believe this reflects Mike Brey’s “calm demeanor”. I think ND needs a bit more of hell-raiser to coach this squad. Someone who can get them to play tough D, especially when they’re not shooting well. Might as well have gone to the NIT given this result. Somebody start !!!

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