Here’s My Guys…You Pick The Court…Game On!!!!!!

As February melts (hopefully for us in the Northeast) into March, college hoopsters prepare for the madness. After spending ample time viewing the nation’s hoopsters, I have assembled my own team – Casey’s Crew. Using the premise of “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” I challenge anyone who thinks they can organize a better group. We can ball on asphalt or the hard wood – whatever your liking. We can go in front of a capacity crowd or an empty cathedral. It is your choosing. Here’s my team.

PG – Sean Singletary – Junior – University of Virginia. The first words that come to mind when asked to describe this guy: fearless playmaker. Yeah, he wants the ball. He knows what to do with it, and he’s not afraid to do it. Singletary loves traffic. Bring the pressure to him. He will either get the ball to the cup or in the hands of someone else who can. When considering that ‘anyone can take the helm when the sea is calm’, Singletary is my guy to takeover when a lake effect storm is rising.

G – Drew Neitzel – Junior – Michigan State University. Chutzpah! That’s the word to describe this baller. Three years of tutelage under Tom Izzo has tempered this Spartan into a daring player. The Wisconsin Badgers had front-row seats to his escapades. Neitzel performs when his team calls on him. And playing for Izzo means Drew can defend and rebound like no other guard in the nation.

With these two in my backcourt I beg you to press us. Go ahead! Bring it! 1-2-1-1. 2-2-1. Run ‘n’ Jump. 1-3-1 three – quarter. Whatever is your flavor of the day, these guys will turn it into a dunk fest at the other end of the court.

F – Reyshawn Terry – Senior – University of North Carolina. Rebound – outlet – go. And up ahead of the break will be Terry. Roy Williams has taught this kid the purpose for running the floor: to stretch the defense. Terry doesn’t just run the floor when he sees a chance to score. He runs the floor to stretch the defense and create one on one match -ups. This Tar Heel will add some senior leadership, and he will lock down the opposing team’s go-to player.

F – Al Horford – Junior – University of Florida. Ball-getter. A wide body from the SEC who is not afraid of contact. He knows how to use the contact to his advantage. Leads his team with almost nine rebounds per game. Bring it on you one-handed shot-blocker from the Big Ten!

C – Chris Holm – Senior – University of Vermont. He is the leading rebounder on the team that is leading the nation in rebound margin. Do not be fooled into thinking that Holm has feasted on a soft schedule in the American East Conference. This Catamount averages twelve rebounds a game – five on the offensive glass. Earlier this season he banged out eleven rebounds at College Park, ten rebounds at Chestnut Hill, and nine rebounds in Lansing. This kid’s idea of a post entry is getting to the boards for a put back. What’s more – he doesn’t require the ball to keep him happy. I don’t want my playmakers having to worry about whether their big guy is going to sulk if he doesn’t get the ball.

6th Man – Kevin Durant – Freshman – University of Texas. Hey frosh! Wait your turn. It’d do you some good to learn from these guys. We know you got the goods. We want to know if you got what it takes to play when there is no one cheering. Can you play when there’s no one but players in the gym? Don’t worry. We’ll give you your run. When we do give you your chance, you best be ready. And, oh yeah, there’s more to the game than the highlight reel. Stick your chest in there and take a charge. Play some D. Get on the floor. Let’s see some elbow burns.

We’re ready. I took first pick, so you get to pick the locale. Let’s see your team.

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  1. Wally   February 25, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    Sure … take a 6th man while you’re at it. I’ll take the best 2 guys on UCLA (Aflollo, Collison), the best 2 guys on Ohio St (Oden, Conley), Chalmers from Kansas (Alaska boy) and ND’s Colin Falls on bench to toss in some trey’s if it gets too close against your guys. Pitino would coach my boys.

  2. DG   March 12, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    I got six for you. They may seem like sexy choices but I say lets play. PG only the most important position on the floor, Dominic James (Marquette). You wanna talk about tough come on. Quick, can handle the pill, can shoot, and can set up his teammates. SG Arron Afflalo (UCLA). Gonna benefit beause he has an amazing PG. He also plays for Ben Howland so he knows how to defend and rebound just like James. SF Corey Brewer (Florida), Mr. I can do it all. Handle the rock, shoot the J, can get to the bucket with his silky smoothness. Oh yeah and by the way can defend just about every position on the floor. PF Jeff Green (Georgetown), point forward in an offense where he does most of the passing. You wanna talk about unselfish. Pretty sure if you play at Georgetown you better know how to rebound and defend too. C Tyler Hansborough (UNC), The kid is a freaking animal. He has the heart of a lion. There is not a single player on the entire floor that will play harder than him or have more passion for the game than him. He brings more toughness to an already tough team. And for sixth man what the hell Greg Oden (Ohio State), playing behind and practicing with Hansborough everyday should give him a little more hunger and desire. I mean Hansborough is gonna need a breather at some point anyway. Why not have a guy that can come in and be the windex man and the post man cause he is returning to sender baby.

  3. Casey   March 13, 2007 at 4:45 pm


    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!!! Great post!

    I like your choices. It would be a great game. James and Singletary would be a great matchup. My boy Neitzel would pull Afflalo away from the basket a little.
    I can’t say enough about Hansbrough. Psycho T is a great nickname for him – especially after the forearm shivver from Henderson. The kid just bounces up and is ready to play. It is tough to hate this UNC team. They play a great team game.
    On to Oden – give me your take on the guy. I have seen him play for about 55 minutes this year. I gotta rate his back-to-the-basket game as below average. I wanna take into account his injury, but that wrist doesn’t seem to bother him when he is flushing home a dunk from an offensive rebound. He is obviously an intimidating force on the defensive end…but…I’m not totally sold. Yeah, he blocks A LOT of shots, but (as we have commented soooo many times) how many of those blocks give the ball back to the opposition? And how many rebounds does he miss because he is out of position from the block?
    If I am preparing my team to play against OSU this is my plan: feed the lion. Get Oden going for the blocks. Yeah, you gotta open the lane, so you need to knock down some perimeter shots. Then – attack Oden off the dribble. Drive right at him, but attack so that his man is open for the rebound and putback – don’t worry about making the original shot. Worry about making the second. Get the ball to the glass any way possible.

    I am happy to read your contribution. Please give more. YOu have toooo much knowledge of the game to not share.

  4. DG   March 14, 2007 at 9:37 am

    What I have seen of Oden I have to agree. Offensively he is not the most polished player in the world. He definately needs to work on his post moves and footwork. But I guess that is what happens when you are playing against guys half your size for the last 4 years. All you have to know how to do is rebound and dunk. I think with some hardwork and development he could be very good. I do like the fact that he wanted to play through the hand injury and was willing to give his team whatever he had. There are times though on the court I don’t exactly see him hustling to get back on defense. These are all things that could be worked on if he stayed another year or two in college.

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