What A Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I needed any reinforcement for my love of college basketball, yesterday’s hoops schedule provided ample opportunity (of course m’amour for the college game needs little support). Yesterday’s schedule included a couple of Big East rivalries, an upset in the SEC, inter-conference play between the Pac-10 and the Big East, C-USA and the West Coast Conference, the Horizon League and Missouri Valley Conference,match-up, bonus coverage from the Big Ten, an ACC show-down, and Missouri Valley match-up. I wore out the remote viewing a buzzer-beater, a sixty foot shot to end a half, an overtime match, and eight games decided by six points or less.

First up on the docket – Georgetown playing in a hostile environment at Villanova. John Thompson III has his boys playing solid hoops. The Hoyas lack the familiar names (Ewing, Mourning, Mutumbo, and Iverson) of bygone years, but these kids know how to grind it out with defense and rebounding. Those attributes make Georgetown the closest thing to a lock for the Sweet Sixteen. Nice 60-ft. heave by Jessie Sapp to finish the first half. A side note to the game – Villanova coach, Jay Wright, began his college-coaching career as an assistant at the University of Rochester.

Caught some segments of Vandy’s upset of Florida. Speaking of hostile environments. WOW!!! The raised floor at Vanderbilt created all sorts of havoc for the Gators. I want to give Billy Donovan credit, but it is hard to imagine his team winning two titles in a row. Can you imagine them playing against the likes of Tarkanian’s Runnin’ Rebels? Or the Laettner, Hurley, and Hill led Blue Devils? Or against the Antawn Jamison version of UNC? For that matter, how ‘bout the Corliss Williamson-led Arkansas Razorback squad?

The Huskies of UW showed some moxie but didn’t have enough to upend the #7 Pittsburgh Panthers at home. After their run in last year’s tourney(they should have upset UConn if it hadn’t been for the zebras) and experience in the loaded Pac-10 the Huskies create quite a quandary for the selection committee. Who wants to play them in the first round?

The bracket-busting match-up between the Butler Bulldogs of the Horizon League and the Missouri Valley Conferenc Salukis of Southern Illinois showed that someday these conferences and other so-called mid-major leagues will wreak havoc in March. How ‘bout Jamaal Tatum and Randal Falker? They led their Salukis into the famed Hinkle Field house (Trivia: Which movie was filmed there?) and stole one from the number thirteen team in the country. Butler’s three-point shooting dropped off a little – 9 for 23. May be the result of AJ Graves suffering from the flu. But more than likely the result of the suffocating Saluki defense. Liner note for the game – Rick Majerus is quickly becoming my favorite commentator. (Trivia answer: you guessed it – ‘Hoosiers’ – DUH!!!!!!)

On to Memphis at Gonzaga. The Tigers made the first half look like the NBA all-star-weekend-dunk contest. The Zags struggled passing the ball in a half-court set. At one point I checked the dictionary to see if the spelling of the word defense changed to m-e-m-p-h-i-s. Mark Few made some adjustments, and the Zags overcame an eight point half-time deficit to push the game to overtime. Cheers to Memphis for drowning out the zealous Zag crowd. Cheers to Mark Few for getting his team to start figuring out how to compete without Heytvelt. Has anyone noticed: BC suspended two players for undisclosed reasons. ND suspended its point guard for drug possession. Gonzaga suspended two players for drug possession. Is it only the kids at Catholic schools who get in trouble? Or is it only the kids from Catholic schools who get caught? Or is it that only the Catholic schools care?

UNC versus Boston College – a hot time in Chestnut Hill. I have a difficult time cheering against this Tar Heel squad. It’s kinda like the turn-of-the-century Yankee teams. How does any true fan wish ill will upon the likes of Jeter, Williams, Posada, Riviera, Brosius, and O’Neill? Those guys embodied the team concept – the same with this group of Tar Heels. Roy Williams deserves all the credit he gets. Critics can suggest that his team plays sloppy and unfocused from time to time. Is it sloppy or is it an attempt to dictate tempo? Boston College did everything they could to slow down last night’s game. UNC wanted to play up-tempo which lends itself to more turnovers when trying to play faster. Despite all of BC’s efforts and a raucous crowd including Doug Flutie the Tar Heels pulled out another W. (More trivia: Al Skinner’s playing career ended when he was cut by the Detroit Pistons. Who was the coach?)

Bonus coverage from ESPN U: Louisville at Marquette. Just in time to see Jerry Smith sink a three at the buzzer and lead the Cardinals to victory.

The Missouri Valley Conference offered a night-cap. Bruiser Flint’s Drexel squad managed a sometimes-ugly victory on the road at Creighton. Hey Salinger, remember Bruiser Flint?

Answer to the trivia: Dick Vitale.

Time for Duke and Georgia Tech.

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  1. Wally   February 18, 2007 at 7:56 pm

    I still think Florida has got to be the favorite to win it all again. Yes, they lost a game this weekend, but I really believe they are better than last year. Plus Vandy is pretty damn good, esp at home. Now I won’t assert that Florida has a great chance to win the title … it’s still pretty wide open and probably 8-10 teams have a decent chance. Just think that Florida’s odds gotta be slightly better than anyone else’s. Next in line are UNC and UCLA (experienced coaches with very talented squads).

  2. Boston College Football   February 23, 2007 at 11:52 am

    The Boston College Football program has been on the right track for the last couple years with dramatic improvements in all aspects of the game. The Eagles capped the 2006 season with a monumental win over Navy 25-24. Not a bad start to the off-season.Recently, six Boston College football players were elected to hard earned spots on the 37-member 2006 All-Atlantic Cost Conference Academic Football Team.

    The list includes offensive guard Josh Beekman, who was selected as first-team All-America by the Associated Press, and All-ACC offensive tackle James Marten. The Place-kicker Steve Aponavicius a walk on, makes the team one week after he was granted a full scholarship by Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinski. Eagle cornerback Larry Anam, offensive guard Ty Hall and defensive end Nick Larkin also made the teams image sparkle after they were chosen.
    On February 19th, the team completed it’s coaching staff by adding wide receiver coach Ryan Day. He is no stranger to this Boston College Football Program. Day served as the offensive graduate assistant coach at Boston College during the 2003 and 2004 seasons, before moving to the Temple Program. Obviously, this is a good call to hire a coach like Ryan Day.

    For Boston College, a lot of work needs to be done but you can bet all your money they will have an impact in next year’s BCS. The constant improvements and the amount of respect that flows through this Boston College Football Program is a key point that will drive their success to levels never reached before.

    Don’t you agree?

  3. Casey   February 23, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    I have nothing but respect for the BC football program. Don’t leave out that BC graduates 97% of its athletes. The win over Navy was larger than most think. Sure Navy is not an upper-echelon team, but they do not beat themselves…oops, actually they did on a bad pitch.

    That being said, I do not have the same level of respect for the entire hoops team. Jared Dudley and Sean Marshall spend too much time whining and cheerleading.

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