A domino effect of sorts

Last night the Virginia Cavaliers defeated the Duke Blue Devils in overtime by the score of 68-66. By all accounts it sounds like another in a long line of great regular-season ACC battles. (I wish I could say I watched the game live, but we had to travel through three counties to watch the daughter hoop it up last night. Got home in time to watch the last five minutes, but my eyelids would not allow any such thing). I have seen the replays. I now have some questions. The recent discussions on this site have caused me to think deeply about my sports’ values, and I need to make sure of a few things.

Sean Singletary hit a falling-one-handed-running jumper with one second remaining in overtime. He hit the shot over the outstretched arms of two Blue Devil defenders. Was Singletary’s shot ‘lucky’? Or was it just sick-nasty? If his shot was lucky then does that make the Blue Devils an ‘unlucky’ road warrior because it was their bad fortune to have such a great play happen at their expense?

If Singletary’s shot was just sick-nasty then what does that say for the St. Louis Cardinals? Are the Cardinals ‘lucky’ because the entire pitching staff from the Detroit Tigers seemed to suffer from amnesia and could not remember anything learned on the first day of Spring Training? The Cardinals didn’t do much that I would call sick-nasty, but they did reap a benefit of the Tigers’ misfortune.

And where do the New England Patriots fit into this equation? Are they lucky because on the road to THREE SUPER BOWL VICTORIES other teams seemed to make mistakes? Or did they create their own luck by pressuring other teams into playing at an uncomfortable speed? Or is it that their coach made them play injured, and they are truly crazy?

Come to think of it – where does this put the Chicago Bulls? Were they just ‘lucky’ to get MJ? His airness was destined for greatness. Is it just that the Bulls possessed the best timing to suck like a Hoover and have two other teams stupid enough to skip over his Airness in the draft?

And where does Christian Laettner’s shot against Kentucky in the 1992 Regional Final game fit?

Is there some ‘lucky’ chart online that I don’t know about? Can someone help me? Has someone been keeping track of all the ‘lucky’ plays in the history of sports? If so, do they have an equation as to what is luck and what is not?

Off the topic a little, if you are playing euchre with a deck of playing cards that has the logo from an NHL team on the back, the same NHL that has ceased to exist in some eyes, does the card game actually exist?

Or what about USC? Considering the investigation of Reggie Bush and the possibility of punishment in the form of games and awards forfeited, what does that do for plays occurring within those games? For example, if Matt Leinart threw a great pass against Notre Dame, but Reggie Bush was on the field, did that pass ever occur?

Lastly, if you strenuously object does it have more bearing than simply objecting?

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