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Faithful readers … now’s the time to flaunt your skills as a sports prognosticator. Super Sunday is 5-6 days away. The big game is almost here. Peyton has a chance to propel himself within talking distance of the Top 4 QBs of all-time with a win. Bears have yet another chance of leveraging that big chip on their shoulder to claim another huge victory that nobody expects. Urlacher has an opportunity to establish himself as one of the best LBs of his era. These coaches “lovie” eachother so much that it’s starting to make me puke. OK … first one to use a little profanity wins!!!

So here’s the deal. Tell us who wins on Sunday, the final score, the MVP, and a major sub-headline from the game. I’ll go first:

Bears win 24-23; Devin Hester, Bears KR, is MVP with a return TD and lots of return yards; and the headline is “Bears separate Colts from Ball and Title”.

I see 2 fumbles and 2 INTs by the Colts making a huge difference in the outcome. Manning doesn’t quite get it done. Vinatieri misses a key FG for once, due to no longer being with “the world’s luckiest team”. Am I dreaming?? What’s your prediction???


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  1. Casey   January 30, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    Predictions, predictions. I hate making predictions. I end up cheering for my prognostication instead of enjoying the game. Too many people gain some sense of self-worth by either exactly calling it or coming remotely close.

    I predict that in living rooms all across America people will discuss which Peyton Manning commercial is their favorite. None of them will know what is meant by a three-stop drop, check down, or an audble.

    The Super Bowl record for receptions is eleven held by Deion Branch, Jerry Rice, and Dan Ross. Marvin (‘My Favorite Colt’) Harrison will approach this record. He will gather several catches in the first half, and announcers will begin to discuss the possibility of Marvin breaking the record. Television viewers won’t even notice because Marvin ‘No Hype’ Harrison just plays the game. He offers no special dance or antics that could distract people as they carefully dip their Tostitos in the salsa.
    At halftime Jim Nantz will make mention of Harrison and describe him as a workmanlike, throwback player. People around the country will comment: “Wow! That’s cool.” And without stopping for a breath continue their conversation about a recent highlight film which showed a montage of touchdown dances. That’s entertainment.

    Bob Sanders will affect the outcome of this game. He will play a role in at least one turnover. His rush defense will force Grossman to make some plays.

    Now that the Colts have proven that they can win on the road without scoring a touchdown, they will exude an inner confidence that the Bears (despite numerous attempts by Urlacher to the contrary) will not be able to match.

    As the game wanes on into the fourth quarter Nantz will begin to discuss the factors leading to the lowest scoring Super Bowl in recent history. Peyton will receive the MVP because he is the most noticeable personality in the game. And with mouths full of chips and dip people across the nation will voice their assent. Days later Ray Lewis will hold a press conference to discuss why he thinks the MVP choice was racially-biased, and that Sanders was far more deserving.

    On another note an interesting development will take place in Eagle River, Alaska. Guests at a Super Bowl party will play witness to the transmutation of their host. Very early in the game people will take notice of the man of the house simultaneously cheering and criticizing each play with vehemence. “Great catch Wayne…Tillman, the whole South-Side of Chicago is waiting for you to make a play! Get your head out of your tail!” “Go Hester, Go Hester (get rid of that Scarlet Letter)! Where is the coverage Indy?” On and on it will go until the guests will swear that their host became two separate beings: one the human form wearing a Colt hat, and the other a ghostly apparition wearing a Bear hat. When the transformation occurs, it will be as if the host lost his testosterone, and he will begin speaking in a teeny, wheeny voice. He(they) will continue babbling on – two fans cheering for two different teams. Finally the ghost will become frustrated at the fortunes of the Bears, and he will start to mumble something about Bill Belichik: “Why can’t you guys play like Pats’? They get the job done. They have won three Super Bowls. I am haunted by Belichik and others like him. That darn Krzyzewski and his three national titles, ten trips to the final four, and countless sweet sixteen appearances. I wish Belichik coached my team. I wish K coached my team. I wish Belichik coached my team. I wish K coached…

    He(they) will stop, and there will be an awkward silence among the guests.

  2. Wally   January 30, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    Paul — Your “prediction” is such an outlier, we’ll have to throw it out of the analysis due ot its abnormality.

    Coach K has only 3 national titles?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?! I thought he broke Wooden’s record like 10 years ago. Or is it that he has 3 and his husband Mickey has the other 7? No? Oh, I guess they won’t be constructing the “K Wing” in the basketball hall of fame just yet.

    I should probably be nicer to a “polish kid from Chicago”, shouldn’t I?

  3. Mike   January 30, 2007 at 7:34 pm

    Colts in a blow out.
    MVP = Manning

  4. JD   January 30, 2007 at 9:47 pm

    If I was a betting man -and actually I am and maybe will on this one, I would take Chicago and the points along with the over – not even sure what the over/under line is but got a feeling on a pretty high scoring game. My prediction is the Bears in a close one with Grossman as the MVP. Key story line is, “Defense wins championships”. I know this contradicts what I said earlier about it being a high scoring game, but when they need it the Bears will come up with a key play on defense.
    As for Coach K, definitely a great coach and a great program but there are other coaches out there I consider as good if not better, Calhoun, Izzo, Knight, Williams, Olsten all come to mind. Almost have to maybe throw in Jimmy B from down the road in there(If he would have won one more title). So while I believe he is a great coach, I do agree with Wally that we should wait before we start laying the brick on that coach K wing.

  5. Aaron   January 30, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    I have been going over this game and I am really not sure who I think is going to win.. What I come down to is the Chicago Defense and Chicago’s running game..I know, I know I am going out on limb. But between Jones and Benson, if Chicago runs the ball consistently, I think the Bears win, because the Bears defense will give Manning problems..

    Bears 24-17.

  6. Casey   January 31, 2007 at 12:48 am

    Abnormal??? This coming from the guy that none of us can figure out exactly who or what you are rooting for, but you sure can run a line of smack. This same guy also thinks that winning three super bowls make you the luckiest team in the NFL???? Hey Wally!!! Have you gone out to get your custom fit Bears/Colts hat? I bet it looks really fly. Royal blue on one side with half a horseshoe and then black with half of the C on the other. Why don’t you add the Fleur-de-lis on the back? Abnormal????
    I’ll leave this to a different discussion, but of all the hoops coaches mentioned above, only one has a many titles as K, and none have more. Yet we want to suggest that some are better??? Ummm spend some time coaching in the ACC. Calhoun had more talent last year than the 1970’s version of Saturday Night Live (Sorry Wally for the obscure reference – that would be the time period of Belushi, Akroyd, Piscopo, etc.), and how far did he get????????? Lute Olsen? How many times has he done his rubber ball impersonation getting bounced out of the first or second round?

  7. Wally   January 31, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    Make no mistake, Wally is rooting for the Bears. Clearly that’s where my allegiance is, no doubt 100%. If there’s one team in the City of Chicago that galvanizes all fans, it’s the Bears. Not the Bulls, Cubs, or Sox … or Blackhawks (moment of silence for a dead franchise). But like alot of folks, I have a soft spot for Peyton Manning and the Colts, plus I have family ties in Indy and I know how important this is to them. So I also hope the Colts win every game they play … except for when they play Da Bears.
    Coach K is great … one of the best all-time … probably ranks in my Top 6 or so … again … all-time. That’s pretty elite company. I just like picking on him and Duke. Why? Probably some subconscious backlash and revolt from being picked on as a ND fan, and partly because of that Laettner miracle shot that beat Kentucky.
    Somebody tell JD that it’s Jimmy V, not Jimmy B, so he doesn’t embarrass himself again.


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